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Bedroom Interior Designing Tips By Rigid Interiors

Post a long tiring day at work, each one of us wishes to relax in a peaceful sanctuary aka our beloved bedrooms. There is no better place than a relaxing room, with a comfortable bed, and serene environment to unwind and laze around after a hectic day. But imagine coming back to a dull and unkempt bedroom, with a horrendous bed and messed up floors. Not anymore, we at Rigid Interiors, one of the leading residential space interior design companies in Dubai, give you few fabulous home decor tips to transform your boring bedroom into a beautiful one.


The right colour:

Many of us often fail to realise the importance of wall paint and colour theme of the bedroom. A bedroom is a peaceful sanctuary where one comes to relax, unwind, and eventually sleep; therefore it is a must that a bedroom should have a calming environment. Paint your bedroom walls with neutral colours and calming tones to create a peaceful look.


Complementing Furnishings:

For a peaceful Bedroom look, a comfortable and beautiful bed is a must. Invest in a solid bed with soft and comfy mattress; fill it up with throw pillows, silky sheets and quilts for extra comfort. You can also add a textured blanket and quirky cushions to add a personalised touch.



A sun-kissed room is better than a dark one; however, the amount of lighting should be decided based on your personal preferences. Create a balance between natural and artificial lighting. Opt for adjustable lights to set it up according to your moods.


These are few simple tips that you can apply to make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary. If you wish to completely redecorate your room or house, and give it a luxury interior design then opt for the best Residential space interior design company – Rigid Interiors. Not just residencies, Rigid Interiors’ talented team of designers can also whip their magic in commercial spaces like offices, hotels, retail outlets & much more.

Interior Designing Basic – Colouring A Space

Are you planning to decorate your new home, or revamp the old one? Are you planning to give your room a fresh look, or add personality to your existing decor? Whatever may be your designing need, to give you space a breath of fresh air, and make it look wow, then add a dash of colour. Yes, the colour of the walls plays an important role in uplifting any room’s look. By choosing the right colour, you can add depth, character and texture in your room, making it look fabulous. We at Rigid Interiors, the leading interior decoration companies in Dubai, are here to give you the insights on colouring your home in a perfect way.

Choosing the Right Colour:

Every interior designer swears by it, every decoration firms give advice for it, interior designing is incomplete without it, and yes we are talking about adding colour to your decor. One of the top residential and office interior design companies in Dubai, Rigid Interiors have always strived to go beyond the norm and culture and bring new trends in decor designs. Gone are the days when neutrals colours like hues of white beige, creams and browns were your only option, when it comes to painting your house. Nowadays, many interior designers are experimenting with bright and bold colours that give your space a distinctive look.

Setting the Balance:

Opting for pastorals and vibrant colours helps a great deal, in transforming your boring decor into a bright one. Whether you’re are painting your living room, or decorating your bedroom or even an office space, vibrant and eclectic colours can not only elevate your space but also give it a personalised touch. If you favour bright and vibrant colours but have a house with walls painted in neutrals, then worry not, because we have a solution for that too. Add accents to your walls and in your decor, to introduce colour into your space, without going through the pains of transforming in completely.

Get the Expert:

At Rigid Interiors, we also offer customised luxury interior design solutions and bespoke wall colouring options that you can use in your decor and add a dash of colour in it. We at Rigid Interiors, the leading interior designing companies in Dubai, offer you bespoke luxury interior design Dubai solutions that provide customised interiors that fit both budget and style. Together, with our excellent team of experts and your style aesthetics, we can create magic and make your space looks like it’s right out of a decor magazine.

Smart Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Gone are the days, when homeowners use to reside in colossal spaces with enough liberty to design to their heart’s content. With spaces taking a drastic chopping in the size and people residing in modest spaces, interior designing has also evolved with these new homes. If you have a small space and think that you would have to satisfy your design wishes with the bare minimum, and then let us break the myth for you. If you have traded in the size for a premium locality, then your interior designing needs will not have to bear the grunt. We at Rigid Interiors are here to show you the light and give you insights about design ideas for small spaces. Rigid Interiors bring you few easy luxury interior design ideas to make your modest dome look upscale, sophisticated, and functional, in a jiffy.

Fold it up:

The huge dilemma that apartment owners face is deciding on which furniture piece to opt for and which furniture piece to let go off, eyeing the space deficit. But by opting flexible furniture, you can install various furniture pieces in your room, without having to compromise on the space. Flexible furniture pieces like folding beds, folding tables, expandable couches, vertical shelves, wall cabinets, sofa cum beds not only save you space and a pocket-friendly but being available in an array of shapes and sizes, they also add on to the style quotient.

Keeping it Clean:

When it comes to designing for small apartments, one should always opt for minimalistic interior designing. By keeping the décor clean and crisp you can create an illusion of large spaces. One can’t compromise on the basic pieces of furniture like beds, and dressings and sofa’s, but while choosing decorating items and add-on pieces, opt for the one that is also useful, rather than just decorative. For example, chose for an out of the box piece of lamp in a bright colour or metallic that solves the dual purpose of style and function.

Light it up:

By ensuring ample of light in your space, you can make your space look larger and spacious. Light plays a crucial role in any space, be it humongous or tiny. Make the most of the natural light, by installing large windows and also large mirrors to reflect the light in your rooms. Spend a little extra in mood lighting to transform your one room into a multi-purpose space by just flicking the button. Wall colours also are an important part of lighting, opt for earthier, neutral colours. But if you are fan of bright, then have an accent wall, painted in a bright colour to create a bespoke look.

By following these easy design ideas you can make your modest apartment look fabulous. Rigid Interiors the leading residential space interior design company are experts in luxury interior design in Dubai. From any space size to any theme, Rigid Interiors expert team can make any space look breathtakingly beautiful. Whether you are looking for residential space interior design, office interior design companies in Dubai, for any luxury interior design opt only for the best – Rigid Interiors.

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Like A Luxury Hotel Room

Staying in a 5-star luxury hotel is an incredible experience. From the fancy beds to gorgeous baths to plush seating, a luxurious hotel is sure to pamper you silly. For experiencing bespoke luxury, you don’t have to travel to far off lands or empty your pockets by booking a stay in a 5-star. You can enjoy the comforts of a 5-star hotel, at home itself. Transform your bedroom, into a luxury hotel room, by following these 3 simple steps for a 5-star look.

Bespoke Bed:

In any luxury hotel room, the bed takes the centre stage and the same should apply to your hotel style bedroom. If you have an old, wobbly bed, it’s time to bid adieu to it and bring home a gorgeous bed with firm mattress. However, if you don’t want to invest in a bed, replace your mattress with a firm, comfortable one. Once you have the ideal bed, adorn it with plush bed sheets, preferably Egyptian cotton, and throw pillows for a luxurious bed, that promise a good night sleep.

Fabulous Bath:

The next step to get a luxury hotel room like the look is to give your bathroom a makeover. No, you don’t have to completely revamp your en suite, installing new fixtures. But you can definitely re-decorate it to give a more luxury interior design look. Install a large mirror, with soft lighting to give it a spa look. Buy scented candles, bubble baths and premium bath products to give it a tranquil touch, similar to a luxury hotel.

Modern Seating:

Almost every luxury hotel room has a small seating area, whether two armchairs, or a small patio seating with a coffee table. If you are blessed with an outdoor seating adjacent to your bedroom, then you are in for a treat. Invest in a lovely chair with ottoman or a coffee table, for an evening snack by the window. Alternatively, you could add a desk or dressing table similar to those that many luxury hotels have.

Color Schemes: Use Three Colors Or Shades 

Now that you have, you want to call you a good idea of ​​the style, you need to choose the interiors color scheme. Choosing the best suitable color for newly designed bedroom is most difficult part. Because color is very personal, and inspire us to create a mood. However, the choice of colors, which requires from you. A look at the boards you suggest – what color you saved the highlight of the room?

We will not say what color you choose, but we will tell you to try to get a combination of three colors or shades. The main color on the wall, and the maximum final color tone such as sofas and chairs, and a third small parts, such as flowers, pillows, ornaments pop color and finally color of walls. Remember that the colors are affected by the amount of light entering your home. Consider the use of interior floor to ceiling, in order to improve their own ability to bring out the color of it!


Creating a luxury-hotel-room look in your bedroom need not cost you a small fortune. Just a few simple changes to create a luxurious bedroom that can ensure you feel as if you are on holiday every day! These are few basic ideas to get your own luxurious bedroom like a hotel room. If you wish to completely redecorate your space, Rigid Interiors the leading Interior Design company in Dubai offers you customize luxury interior design solution that fits your budget to the.

Getting Luxurious Bedroom on a Budget

Do you desire a luxurious bedroom that looks straight out of a decor magazine? Do you wish to dress the space to the nines but you need to decorate on a dime? Then we at Rigid Interiors have got the perfect solution for you. These decorating tips will make sure you can turn your bleak space into a luxurious bedroom, without spending a fortune on it. Rigid Interiors, the leading residential space interior design company, excels in offering custom design solutions that fit all kinds of budgets.

We are here to provide you with some easy tips that will help you transform your modest bedroom into a luxurious interior design, on a shoestring budget.

Invest in Custom-made furniture:

Investing in custom-made furniture is always a good option to get a luxurious interior look. Custom-made furniture gives you the flexibility to choose the material, function, shape, size and design as per your needs. With handmade custom furniture, you can give your bedroom a luxurious look, and not spend an extravagant amount on it. Rigid Interiors offers you customised furniture design by creating luxury furniture that fits your budget.

Innovating with Lighting Fixtures:

Say adios to your plain bulbs and fixtures and replace them with statement light pieces that are a must for creating luxurious interior. You don’t have to go all out to buy light fixtures, instead, search for one in vintage stores or thrift shops to get bold pieces or a glamorous chandelier, which adds the touch of luxury interior design.

Decorating with style:

The best way to instantly elevate your mundane bedroom is to add decorating pieces that echo’s luxe. Rigid Interiors excellent team masters in bespoke interior designing and decoration that fits both your requirement and budget. Whether you desire understated luxury or want to go all out with the high-end interior, we at Rigid Interiors, the finest luxury interior designer in Dubai will fulfil all your desires.

These are few basic ideas to get your own luxury bedroom on a budget. If you wish to completely redecorate your space, Rigid Interiors offers you customise luxury interior design solution that fits your budget to the T.

Luxury Interior Designing Ideas from Dubai for Your Home!

Lifestyle of Dubai is synonyms to luxury and magnificent is the word for their home interior designing. Apart from tallest, largest and biggest yet unique and one-of-own kind architecture and building, Dubai is known for fabulous luxury interior designing. The rich city throws great empire style interior designing ideas which you can opt for your home, office, hotel, restaurant or any other place. Derived in the second half of the 18th century of classicism, empire style interior or exterior designing of home is still very popular and is in vogue having characteristics like sumptuousness and staginess. From antique furniture that too of roman architectural forms and decorating wall to hug paintings and placing incredible chandeliers, Dubai style interior designing has much more to explore and we can bring that into your ordinary house. If being royal and style settler is your persona, then this post belongs to you, your home and office. Here we have brought some ideas of luxury interiors designing in empire style-

1. Decorating your home to luxury style is never just throwing any furniture and except it to bring lavishness to the area. Get empire style chest of drawers and cabinets that is made of roman architectural forms like columns, cornices, friezes, pilasters separating the front side of furniture. There is high quality Italian style furniture available in Dubai as well. For complete luxury style bring home furniture like Louis XV style chairs, armchairs, chair lounge and Victorian and regency style sofa, coffee tables, dressing and dining tables. For bedroom you can select queen size Vela bed set with matching interior room furniture.

2. There are so interesting furniture types inspired from sphinxes, griffons, ancient Germanic, columns and even from animals like lion’s paws that you can get home. Though the ideas of furniture manufacturing are old and ancient, but the techniques are modern with strictly symmetrical patterns. Quality is major concern of every buyer now so is furniture industries working to provide high satisfaction using quality product, proper techniques. Get one or two narrow sideboard or round tables that are designed to match your porcelain tableware.

3. It is said that the designing of home of emperor was well organized, peaceful but strict, and symmetrical. Balance of design was the key. If talking about flooring, empire style is more inclined to compose colored wood. Wooden flooring was popular feature in home, along with painted ceilings and wall.

4. You can opt for wooden flooring along with light shade ceiling paint; wall painting could be big and classy. White and off-white color of ceiling with trimmed corners would give a nice look to any- bedroom or living room. Bright colors are always identical to peace and are quite in trend also. So go for these without any doubt. If, too simple is not your cup of tea than glided bronze spots and several lines can maintain the decorum of severity of white.

5. Lighten up your home atmosphere with colourful ceiling lights which is a quick way to bring royal awesomeness in. Crystal chandeliers are perfect lighting accessory you can choose.