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Mastering the Art Of Commercial Interior Design

Interior designing is not limited to residential spaces. In fact, there is a whole new industry based upon designing for a commercial space. Commercial interior design is quite different from Residential space interior design. The task poses a set of challenges that one would not have to bother while designing for a residential space. While designing for commercial space, one has to keep in mind not only the attractiveness but also the functionality of the space. Opting for a commercial interior design company, that caters to both attractive aesthetics, and usability, is very important.



Functionality plays an integral part in commercial space interior designing. Be it choosing for commercial furniture, or fit out & joinery work, If a commercial space can’t solve the purpose of the business then, however, beautiful it may look, it’s for waste. Along with the space planning, the furniture should also be functional to the commercial unit. For that, you can opt for custom-made furniture or bespoke office furniture design that suits your purpose and style.


Space Planning:

The next aspect of the commercial interior design is space planning. Space planning plays a crucial part in both residential or hotel interior design, and even office interior design. A shabbily designed commercial space, will not only look unattractive, but may also lack practicality, failing to solve the purpose of business, hence leading to less productivity. If your business in confined in a smaller space area, then space planning becomes an integral part of small space interior design, to ensure maximum utilisation of the space. Not every business owner can efficiently handle the task of designing for commercial space. Therefore, a professional comes in the scene.


Hiring a Professional:

Statistics reveal that design plays a huge role in the success of a business, especially belonging to hospitality or retail industry. If the clients feel welcome at a place, their chances of returning increase.  If your wish to create a great first impression of your business, then opt for the leading commercial space interiors designers in Dubai – Rigid Interiors. From designing, space planning, fit out, joiners & even furniture designing, Rigid Industries masters in modern interior design, majlis interior design – that ensures your space looks a million bucks.


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