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How to build your Home Decor style – Rigid Interiors

Home is where we create, relax, live and love. A well-decorated home is a stage for a well-lived life.’’

Home is a very special place. A humble abode that we spend most of our time in, so it comes without a doubt, that our home should be an extension of our own personality. After a long day at work or from a tiring trip, we wish only to return to a place, which makes us feel welcome. A room with walls and furniture is not at all can be considered as home. A place with a homely decor, with a comforting vibe and personal touch, is what home is all about. Therefore, it is imperative that while designing your space, you should let your personal style shine in it.

You should defiantly design your house according to your wish after all; you only have to live there. Here Rigid Interiors has brought some points on which you should focus before decorating your home:

Focus about the things which you like in your life

While decorating your home, Planner should make a list of things that an individual used to enjoy while doing them in their daily life. Your interior plan list should be prepared properly as it will also work as a theme.

Explore your neighbourhood

Try to explore your surroundings; sometimes it is important to explore, may be a new idea can come up. Observe what catches your eye and feels nice to you, even the way folks decorate their porches and patios. Stop and pause in front of the homes that pull you in. If you like a traditional style of architecture, you might like clean lines and muted colors in furniture and accessories.

Eliminate the things which you don’t like

Exclude the things from your list, which you don’t like. You should not compromise with the interior of your house by executing such thing which you even don’t like it.

Take an online quiz

You can find a whole slew of online quizzes to help pinpoint your style. Some are silly, but most will at least give you a slight hint of the direction your style might go in.

To transform your humble abode into a bespoke haven. However, all these ways are standardised and lack personal touch that you may desire in your space. If you want your house to look as the extension of your own personality, then contact Rigid Interiors. The prominent interior designing company in Dubai, Rigid Interiors employee a team of highly efficient experts that offers you the customised solution for all kinds of designs.

Rigid Interiors are experts to transform your home, and give it any kind of look that you desire. With their expertise and your style, you home is just a call away to transform into a fabulous dome. To know more, Contact us today at T: +971 426 88 188 W. rigidinteriors.com | Email: sales@rigidinteriors.com| Address: Salah Al-din road Deira, Dubai.

Use of Lamps in Interiors for Your Desks & Homes W/ Rigid Interiors

Functional lights are Pivotal for your home office interior design companies in Dubai to create the right light. Too much natural light at wrong locations can create trouble with shadows so does too bright light or dim light. Below we share 6 aspects of how to add right lighting to your home and work space with Rigid Interiors:-


• Use of Natural Light Available: Try to use the natural light in an intelligent way. If you use Laptops the most day then align your workstations in the north or south directions to avoid shadows during the day. Try to use both natural light, desk lamps and ambient light to make the best possible use of all the light sources.


• Ambient Light Usage: Don’t work under direct light source as it can impact your eyes in the long run and light should be even out in a balanced way in the complete room. Use of ambient light further adds ambience and mood to the room.


• Desk Lamps / Desk Lighting / Floor Lamps: Great looking and copper lamps are good choices. Floor lamps that can easily be moved and adjusted are in high demand.


• Accents Lights: The accent lights are required for the adding the wow factor.


• Folds and Curtains: Using light colour curtains and blinds cut the sharp lights during some of the day and are essential during the afternoon.


• Fit-out and Joinery Works: Interior Fit-out and Joinery works must be done by an expert only so that issues related with fit-out work don’t crop up later.


Contact us today at Rigid Interiors for all your lighting companies in dubai for home and office and fit-work jobs in Dubai and UAE works to bring extraordinary homes for its clients. Call us today: T: +971 426 88 188 W. rigidinteriors.com | Email: sales@rigidinteriors.com| Address: Salah Al din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBAI.

Importance of Interior Designers in Dubai for Designing Your Homes and Offices

Fit Out Companies in dubai

Dubai has grown phenomenally in very less time; it has become a travel and business hub. There are some breathtaking tourist place and architectures structures making the place very artistic and creative. Interior designing has a great role for the glories towers, hotels, companies for which Dubai is famous.

Why you need a professional Interior Designer  to design your homes or office in Dubai?

To get most current trend.

Dubai being most tourist places and people from different countries settling here it has most diverse culture and hence affects interior design Dubai. Due to this diversity the trends keeps on changing with lots of amendments. An interior designer is always aware of the prevailing trends and so he can guide you the best. A bit of amendments and alteration in basic deigning of furniture, decors always brings freshness to your design so going with the trend is always a best option.

Atmosphere or whether

Dubai is located in Arabian Desert as we all know hence the temperature and climate is mostly high there. A proper interior designing can help to control the heat or temperature. Orient your property wisely with shade windows, effective ventilation and proper lights. Following color combination in right way can keep your house or workplace much cooler, lighter colors emit heat. The lightings of your house plays a good role as well. Lighting can introduce a lot of unwanted heat. A standard incandescent bulb, converts only about 10% of the electric current into light; the rest is emitted as heat. Fluorescent lights produce a lot less waste heat than incandescent, and the best LED lights today are even better.

Interior designing theme

Classic Interior Design theme and modern interior theme are most widely used theme in Dubai. Classic interior are those traditional Greek and Rome design giving out those old architectural look. Where as modern design includes simple and clean designs. It consists of new styles and accessories. The interior designer can provide you with best option considering your choice.

Choose right interior design theme for individual room!

There are endless styles and ideas one can opt for interior design of home, from classic to contemporary, creative to unusual, historic to periodic styles, mission style, colonial style, mix modern and tradition and many more. However choosing the right theme according to the need, requirement is very important element to pay attention upon. Make sure your taste, requirement and personality matches to each other. Get inspiration from other people’s interior design style and ideas. Select few themes in your mind – have a look to magazine, TV, internet, interesting places and locations and your friend’s apartment or house. Fixing some ideas in your mind will help you choosing right thing at the time you call interior designers fit out companies in dubai. Here we will help you which theme and style of interior design you can opt for individual room and place-

Things to fix

1. Before picking any theme, decide whether you want to go for single style for your whole house or for one room.
2. Well, whatever your choice is –single or mix, there is plenty of good options in both categories.
3. Make sure your requirement and budget, both are in your favour.
4. Colors would play essential role in any theme, make your choice up in any style.

Themes you can choose

1. Old-fashioned look– If you have period home or you just like to be one for your home there are striking styles to have in theme-old fashioned including Historic style, Periodic styles, Mission Style, Colonial Decoration, Mix modern and Tradition, Botanical print theme. For any of the mentioned styles, you need to use architectural styles of the time. Build column pillars and high roof. Add suitable skirting, cornices and moulding that ultimately bring 19th century interior design style to any room and place. This style can beautify both-living room interior or bedroom. Pick botanical prints in interior design that is good way to mix modern and traditional trends. Prints are good to bring vintage style.
2. Contemporary look – Contemporary look for home or office is in trend and easy to get in. There are themes like – minimalist style, modern urban style, modern kitchens and bathrooms, contemporary floral and many more. About the new urban interior design look, it is not completely inspired with technology and science but also takes its cues from natural materials, colors and textures. The style is more softer and comfortable than harder industrial styles. Urban style is much more softer, subtle and sophisticated as it is designed to relax you after having a bad day in city. You can get this with natural materials like woods, glass, ceramic, slate and stone. Natural fabric like cotton, wools and weaves are some essentials of modern urban style along with quality goods and products and soft color combinations.
Get the best interior design fit out companies in dubai by rigid interiors which have years of experience and right notion to understand the requirement of clients. It is Dubai’s leading interior designing companies with excellent team of interior designers.

Luxury Interior Designing Ideas from Dubai for Your Home!

Lifestyle of Dubai is synonyms to luxury and magnificent is the word for their home interior designing. Apart from tallest, largest and biggest yet unique and one-of-own kind architecture and building, Dubai is known for fabulous luxury interior designing. The rich city throws great empire style interior designing ideas which you can opt for your home, office, hotel, restaurant or any other place. Derived in the second half of the 18th century of classicism, empire style interior or exterior designing of home is still very popular and is in vogue having characteristics like sumptuousness and staginess. From antique furniture that too of roman architectural forms and decorating wall to hug paintings and placing incredible chandeliers, Dubai style interior designing has much more to explore and we can bring that into your ordinary house. If being royal and style settler is your persona, then this post belongs to you, your home and office. Here we have brought some ideas of luxury interiors designing in empire style-

1. Decorating your home to luxury style is never just throwing any furniture and except it to bring lavishness to the area. Get empire style chest of drawers and cabinets that is made of roman architectural forms like columns, cornices, friezes, pilasters separating the front side of furniture. There is high quality Italian style furniture available in Dubai as well. For complete luxury style bring home furniture like Louis XV style chairs, armchairs, chair lounge and Victorian and regency style sofa, coffee tables, dressing and dining tables. For bedroom you can select queen size Vela bed set with matching interior room furniture.

2. There are so interesting furniture types inspired from sphinxes, griffons, ancient Germanic, columns and even from animals like lion’s paws that you can get home. Though the ideas of furniture manufacturing are old and ancient, but the techniques are modern with strictly symmetrical patterns. Quality is major concern of every buyer now so is furniture industries working to provide high satisfaction using quality product, proper techniques. Get one or two narrow sideboard or round tables that are designed to match your porcelain tableware.

3. It is said that the designing of home of emperor was well organized, peaceful but strict, and symmetrical. Balance of design was the key. If talking about flooring, empire style is more inclined to compose colored wood. Wooden flooring was popular feature in home, along with painted ceilings and wall.

4. You can opt for wooden flooring along with light shade ceiling paint; wall painting could be big and classy. White and off-white color of ceiling with trimmed corners would give a nice look to any- bedroom or living room. Bright colors are always identical to peace and are quite in trend also. So go for these without any doubt. If, too simple is not your cup of tea than glided bronze spots and several lines can maintain the decorum of severity of white.

5. Lighten up your home atmosphere with colourful ceiling lights which is a quick way to bring royal awesomeness in. Crystal chandeliers are perfect lighting accessory you can choose.

Ways To Make Home Interior Ready For Spring And Summer!

The much awaited weather spring has approached that too in a very pleasing manner and till then you must have folded up all that unwanted stuff of winters. Winter usually snuggled down every part of home, especially bedroom with the presence of heavy covers and blankets, extra pillows and throws, woollen clothes, darker shade curtains and more, but we do enjoy this messy yet steaming full environment. However, we cannot carry out this self-created interior to this hot season spring followed by summer. So, we have decided to bring you a list of easy-to-follow spring home maintenance tips that is similar to complete interior designing of home. Yeah, it means now you don’t need to go for complete interior designing seasonally what all you need to follow are these tips on home cleaning, organizing, and maintenance. You can easily keep your dear nest in tip-top shape, read how-
1. Update your covers – Lighten up things with new covers and curtains. Go for darker to lighter shades for pillow covers, bed sheets, door and window curtains. It is easy to give your living room, bedroom a make-over by having “cover wardrobes” for sofas, bed and pillows, just like we do for seasonal clothing. Pick printed cotton and breezy fabrics like linen.
2. Bring some foliage – When spring time rolls around you look for more green and blue, as both cools down environment and mood. Big statement leaves in classic or cocktail style vases is way to bring calmness to home interior. You can fix colourful vases to living room, both side of bed or in balcony.
3. Rearrange furniture – This ultimately no-cost designing tip will let you feel this new season. Rearrange the furniture of living room, it will not only give super quick update but also clean up the entire area for better, fresh and fragrance full summer.
4. Add splash of Colors – Color will do help in lighting things up a bit, so your home interiors designing get a quick make-over with colors of 2015 like teal blue, jelly green, lagoon, tangerine tango, yolk yellow, scuba blue, aquamarine, toasted almond, strawberry pink and others. Change covers, pillows, curtains and bed sheets using these colors. You can look for colourful furniture, affordable vases, and other entertaining objects.
5. Clean and clutter-free go – This sunny weather requires clean and spacious interior that you can get by giving cleaning touch up to every room. Your cleaning, organizing work will get half when you rearrange the furniture. Remove carpets, change curtains, rearrange sofa and dining table, give a touch up to windows and if possible go for wall painting with summer-friendly paints.
6. Get the garden inside – The more you look at fresh flowers and gorgeous shades green the more you start loving this sunny weather. Get small house plants like aloe-vera, spider plant (chlorophytum comosum ), gerber daisy flower plant, golden pothos, Red-edged dracaena and more.

Simple is Stylish; Get the Best of Minimalist Interior Design Style for Your Home!

Minimalism is a design trend that attracts youth the most. In home interior designing, minimalist interiors designing have also been hot in trends and there is no fall back this year too. The advance minimalist interior design look is more personal, eye-soothing and easier to live with. Now, minimalist is not mini or less of creativity but the modern minimalist style means lots of innovation come together to make life easier, comfortable taking up edgy styles and themes.

If you are looking to keep your home simple yet stunningly smart then enjoy the tidy, clutter-free and soothing look in your house with minimalist interior designing trends which are simple and simple is stylish today. Here we give you ideas how you can get the best of minimalist interior design style for your home, especially living room and bed room area.

1. White color on the wall will ultimately give a very lighter appearance as it will form the basis of your minimalist designing scheme.
2. Neutral colors like pale beige, ivory, taupe, grey, stone or even green are softer alternative to white and perfect to go with modern thoughts.
3. Similar colors would go with floor and furniture selection. Make a beautiful contrast between, walls, floor and furniture.
4. Don’t hesitate to bring your own innovation while selecting colors. Minimalist scheme should show some of your persona and life.
5. Minimalist design doesn’t end up ordinary and boring- for life and liveliness accent colors like red, cobalt (blue) and yellow to more fascinating shades like emerald and magenta can be brought in living room interior with curtains, vase and small furniture / accessories.
6. Remember, one color or one color group is acceptable for minimalist theme. Don’t bring in too many colors as it can lose the simple, stylish effect.
7. Coming to furniture, a small and unique centrepiece will surely add the needed style effect to your minimalist living room. Classy but sleek and modern furniture would raise the upshot of the theme.
8. Avoid decorative and traditional furniture and opt for plain furniture in leather and natural woods. Bright color furniture, ultra-modern living room furniture, glass and stainless steel item would look great for the minimalist interior design style.
9. Simply enhance the minimalist feel with low level furniture that look less bulky and great for our need.
10. For floor selection- concrete, white marble, tiles or wood are all ideal. Apart from these, sisal matting is way to give natural feel to the ambience.
11. Simple but heavy rugs made with little texture, lines or simple pattern can also warmth and live-ability to your room.
12. Choose room accessories carefully as they can ultimately change the whole look. Minimalist theme usually avoids adding accessories and keeps it clutter-free.

How flooring can ultimately affect the look and style of your home!

Flooring could make significant difference to the ambience of a place. In fact it can dramatically affect the whole look, style, usability of a particular area. So, next time you go flooring your house, don’t forget to choose the type as per room usability, comfort level and style. Here we bring you different type of flooring, their benefits and detriments.

Tile Flooring

Often used in kitchens, bathrooms and their walls, tiles are perfect pick for areas come under water contact. In bath area, title makes a big difference in the perceived value and beauty of the room. They have longer life and are easy to clean. You can select tiles from a vast collection. They are available to match with every imagination theme, color and style.

There are few disadvantages of tile flooring like you can feel cold to walk on and chances of falling due to wet, slippery floor. Else, it is expensive and tricky to apply on floor. Unless the tiles are just the right size, installation may require the use of a wet tile saw.

Hardwood Flooring

For rich, royal, elegant and luxurious look, you can blindly go for hardwood flooring. Different looks and styles are there in solid hardwood flooring with different lengths and widths.

The only disadvantage of hardwood flooring is high costing. It is very expensive that you can build whole furniture in the budget of hardwood flooring. It also expand and contract if it is applied without a substrate under it. You will feel an odd sound when you walk on it.

Bamboo Flooring

If traditional flooring is your choice than you bamboo flooring is the best option to opt. It is in trend being attractive and durable. It comes in variety of colors from honey brown to light tan. You can invest in this as it provides a strong and clean surface.

Manufactured bamboo floors are typically made available in planks with either vertical or horizontal-grain orientation.
Yes, there are disadvantages attached with this type as well and they are quite serious as well. It could darken over time or when exposed to sunlight. You cannot leave the floor wet in any case.

Linoleum Flooring

Considered best flooring to beat water and moisture, linoleum flooring is just right for highly used section of house such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, mud rooms, pool areas and garages.

Marble Flooring- Rich in look and affordable, marble flooring are most durable and versatile. You can use them over floors, walls or even at hallway columns. They are easy to maintain and easy to clean. There are beautiful stylish textures and designs available in marble flooring. With a wide range of colors and variations, it is used in such things as sculpture as well as architecture and a building material.

Get the best of both worlds, classic and contemporary, for your living room interior!

Living room is the most versatile space of any house as we used to use this area for so many activities from watching TV, playing games, formal sitting and chatting, relaxing and entertaining guests to spending time with family. In fact, living room is the place where you and your entire family love to spend time together and when it comes to designing and decorating of the place you might look for something which would foreground modern and traditional designs to the area. After all, living room is the area where every member of family, younger to elder and older, spends most of their time and opting for mix designs would definitely suit the taste of everybody in house.

So, if you are looking for living room interior themes which have both, classic and contemporary, then this post is for you. Rigid Interiors, which is one of the leading interior designing companies in Dubai, offers trendy and innovative themes to meet individual’s requirement in modern-tradition mix designs.From home interiors to office, hotel, health care and hospitality, vivacious to graceful themes are doing up spaces in every ingenious forms by Rigid interior designers. As the fashion growing towards modern styles with perspective of classic characters, we have more original ideas to make your living room’s remarkable impression to every person who visit you. Here we will tell you how you can get best modern and classic for your living room interior-

1. Whether you want the interior of your living room classic or contemporary in style, you can display stillness and serenity by choosing neutral colors such as beige, taupe, black, gray, ivory and white. These shades when exude with vibrant furniture could bring out any form of style to your living room. If fancier looking room is your approach then sync the colors as per existing style or a romantic country design.

2. Decorate the fixtures, screens, wall and roof essentials with textures ranging from a wide range of wood. There are attractive marble titles and masonry walls with deep exciting shades which will definitely bring a series of chic that are significant of the very colourful and classic local cultures and customs.

3. You can decorate the room with old retro style lighting with smart shapes and sizes. There are colourful lighting options that can transform the entire look too. The hot trend in market are LEDs and CFLs that are not only energy efficient but also an excellent way to bring new look.

4. Br classy and get some hand crafted items, tribal inspired accessories or antique showpieces to your room that has contemporary furniture in center. Add hand woven baskets, a popular interior designing accessory for decades, for home decor. It can instantly add the charms of old days to your room.

5. Bring art to the area with artefacts made of natural stone which you can keep anywhere in your home, but in your living room this would be promote. Fix slates made of natural stones at rooftop of your house. Fine textures of granite along with fine marble can be used at flat surface and fireplace to make them more beautiful. Go for wall cladding which can be a retro style.

6. Get dark leather and dark wooden furniture can be used to effectively create an old world theme in your living room.

How to choose interior designing team for your home and office!

Selecting an interior designing team for your home interior might be a difficult task for you especially when current market is flooded with numerous interior designing companies. You might look for clear guidance in that case and if so, here we are to help you. We will explain you features you need to consider before appointing any interior designing team for your home interior design or office interior design. From space planning, branding, lighting design to furniture, there are many important aspects you need to discuss before choosing any interior designing company. Below we have listed those necessary services, a company should provide-

Must-have services offered by companies for Home Interior Designing – It is quite proficient for interior designing or home decor companies to get homeowners and home professionals together. Effective communication is essential because only this way you can describe what elements you need for your dream house. An interior designing company should provide a clear plan in the beginning and throughout the designing process. You can ask for 3D rendering which is quite popular these days. It is an advanced 3D computer graphic process of automatically changing 3D wire frame models into 2D images with 3D photorealistic effects on a computer system.
Apart from that, you need to ask your interior designer how they will maximize the functionality of your space, what material and paint type they will use and if there is an option for customized furniture which you can choose according to the need of your family. About themes, you need to choose a perfect theme that suits your taste. There are numerous categories for every age-group and every style. Get familiar with the management team so the best will bring out for your home interior. Keep your budget in mind and ask plans and packages they are offering under your budget.

Must-have services offered by companies for Office Interior Designing – When it comes to office interior designing, three most elements one need to keep in mind are space functionality, architecture planning and useful furniture. Many people consider their office as their second house and gives equal attention to interior of the office. If you are one of them then you must want a perfectly organized workspace where you and your employees can work comfortably and be more productive. Select a interior designer company which will provide you services like workspace planning, networking, security systems, filing /storage solutions, modular workstations, commercial Interior Solutions theme, furniture for particular usage like board room or meeting room furniture or reception furniture. Appoint good interior designing team for office interior that offers experience, creativity, integrity and technical expertise. Let them analyse the size and shape of the rooms and design accordingly.

If you are looking for interior designing companies in UAE then Rigid Interiors will surely be a destination to explore today. Contact to our interior designing experts and experience an easy way to get whatever you’re requiring about home and office interior designing.