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Solid Wood Furniture – The Best Kind of Home Furniture

Each one of us desires a house that looks gorgeous. We spend thousands on decorating our humble abodes to make it look beautiful and an extension of our own personality. From choosing the current paints, to buying add on pieces, designing a house is a meticulous process. But the first step in the transformation process is to buy the right home furniture that can convert a space, into an invaluable trove. Now a days you get plenty of material options, like veneers, particleboard or medium density fibreboard (MDF), cost engineered wood materials etc as furniture alternative. But if you are looking for furniture that looks bespoke and fabulous and last longs, than solid wood furniture is the right way to go.

Solid wood furniture still reigns as supreme as a jewel in the crown. It adds a luxury factor in your decor and makes it look classic chic. Made with high quality wood from Sheesham, oak, mahogany or mango trees, the wooden furniture has a distinctive class on its own. Considering the longevity, antique look, intricate design and classic finish, solid wood furniture is still the best type of furniture available. If you are looking to furnish your home, and want to buy only the best solid wood furniture, that opt for Rigid Interiors. Rigid Interiors has been the leading home furniture manufacturer in Dubai for decades. Its state of the art factory produces high quality home furniture made using the best raw material.

From bespoke wooden beds, to classy dining table with chairs to beautiful wooden wardrobes, Rigid Interiors offers customised wooden furniture that suits your style and fits your budget. The finest wooden console manufacturer in the market, Rigid Interiors offer gorgeous wooden console in different shapes and sizes, which adds a touch of vintage in your contemporary homes. Whether you are revamping an old room or decorating a new one, opt only for solid wood furniture, by the best home furniture manufacturer in Dubai – Rigid Interiors.

Bedroom Interior Designing Tips By Rigid Interiors

Post a long tiring day at work, each one of us wishes to relax in a peaceful sanctuary aka our beloved bedrooms. There is no better place than a relaxing room, with a comfortable bed, and serene environment to unwind and laze around after a hectic day. But imagine coming back to a dull and unkempt bedroom, with a horrendous bed and messed up floors. Not anymore, we at Rigid Interiors, one of the leading residential space interior design companies in Dubai, give you few fabulous home decor tips to transform your boring bedroom into a beautiful one.


The right colour:

Many of us often fail to realise the importance of wall paint and colour theme of the bedroom. A bedroom is a peaceful sanctuary where one comes to relax, unwind, and eventually sleep; therefore it is a must that a bedroom should have a calming environment. Paint your bedroom walls with neutral colours and calming tones to create a peaceful look.


Complementing Furnishings:

For a peaceful Bedroom look, a comfortable and beautiful bed is a must. Invest in a solid bed with soft and comfy mattress; fill it up with throw pillows, silky sheets and quilts for extra comfort. You can also add a textured blanket and quirky cushions to add a personalised touch.



A sun-kissed room is better than a dark one; however, the amount of lighting should be decided based on your personal preferences. Create a balance between natural and artificial lighting. Opt for adjustable lights to set it up according to your moods.


These are few simple tips that you can apply to make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary. If you wish to completely redecorate your room or house, and give it a luxury interior design then opt for the best Residential space interior design company – Rigid Interiors. Not just residencies, Rigid Interiors’ talented team of designers can also whip their magic in commercial spaces like offices, hotels, retail outlets & much more.

Best Fit Out Services in Dubai UAE with Rigid Interiors

We believe every interior design and fit out companies in dubai works under certain motives. At Rigid Interiors we are motivated with the only idea of brining beautiful spaces to life for our clientele. We deliver the top 6 expectations of our clients with results that are visual, appealing and commendable.

Interiors on Demand:

As an established design and fit out works company, we understand that business owners don’t wish to compromise on their visual ideas. We would rather emphasize they should not! We work as a dependable and amicable partner with all our clients looking for creating outstanding office fit out, interior fit out work, office interior design, kitchen design, retail fit out and more.

Expert Joinery Works:

We design classic, modern, contemporary and customized furniture as per our clients’ requirements and vision.  Wooden furniture and wood working is done extremely well by our team together with MEP, Civil works, and Metal works.

Best Interior Designers:

We collaborate with only the top and famous office interior designers, luxury interior designers, commercial interior designers, and hotel interior designers so that each interior design projects with Rigid Interiors get the right team for unbelievable great results.

Exclusive& Elusive:

We totally understand business needs.  For an hotelier, the top most priority is being exclusive which is exactly what we bring to the hotel interiors. Office interiors should make the best use of space, light and furniture so that everything falls just right for the work environment. Living spaces have changed tremendously and we bring great living room design ideas to our clients that create the wow factor.

Residential and Commercial Fit Outs: 

Rigid Interiors company is a specialized firm for residential and commercial fit outs projects.  Our expert team works endlessly to bring a project to a completion within the required time and exceeding customer satisfaction.

Top Fit Out Leaders:

We are a one stop company for all your interior fit out needs right from conception to completion. We have set forth for ourselves the highest standard in quality, reliability and response in our industry. Call us today: Rigid Interiors: Salah Al din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBA T: +971 426 88 188 F: +971 429 76 971

Choose right interior design theme for individual room!

There are endless styles and ideas one can opt for interior design of home, from classic to contemporary, creative to unusual, historic to periodic styles, mission style, colonial style, mix modern and tradition and many more. However choosing the right theme according to the need, requirement is very important element to pay attention upon. Make sure your taste, requirement and personality matches to each other. Get inspiration from other people’s interior design style and ideas. Select few themes in your mind – have a look to magazine, TV, internet, interesting places and locations and your friend’s apartment or house. Fixing some ideas in your mind will help you choosing right thing at the time you call interior designers fit out companies in dubai. Here we will help you which theme and style of interior design you can opt for individual room and place-

Things to fix

1. Before picking any theme, decide whether you want to go for single style for your whole house or for one room.
2. Well, whatever your choice is –single or mix, there is plenty of good options in both categories.
3. Make sure your requirement and budget, both are in your favour.
4. Colors would play essential role in any theme, make your choice up in any style.

Themes you can choose

1. Old-fashioned look– If you have period home or you just like to be one for your home there are striking styles to have in theme-old fashioned including Historic style, Periodic styles, Mission Style, Colonial Decoration, Mix modern and Tradition, Botanical print theme. For any of the mentioned styles, you need to use architectural styles of the time. Build column pillars and high roof. Add suitable skirting, cornices and moulding that ultimately bring 19th century interior design style to any room and place. This style can beautify both-living room interior or bedroom. Pick botanical prints in interior design that is good way to mix modern and traditional trends. Prints are good to bring vintage style.
2. Contemporary look – Contemporary look for home or office is in trend and easy to get in. There are themes like – minimalist style, modern urban style, modern kitchens and bathrooms, contemporary floral and many more. About the new urban interior design look, it is not completely inspired with technology and science but also takes its cues from natural materials, colors and textures. The style is more softer and comfortable than harder industrial styles. Urban style is much more softer, subtle and sophisticated as it is designed to relax you after having a bad day in city. You can get this with natural materials like woods, glass, ceramic, slate and stone. Natural fabric like cotton, wools and weaves are some essentials of modern urban style along with quality goods and products and soft color combinations.
Get the best interior design fit out companies in dubai by rigid interiors which have years of experience and right notion to understand the requirement of clients. It is Dubai’s leading interior designing companies with excellent team of interior designers.

Things To Fix While Planning Your Home Interior Design!

Building a basic house with basic facilities is completely a good idea, if you were in early 80s or 90s but 20th century is not at all happy with this easy, simple, uninspired idea of basic home building. This century is passionate, creatively high in thoughts, loves personalized stuff and do smart deals for a house which represents characters. Today, people are more dedicated for the interior and exterior of their sweet home. Well, that’s why interior designer’s job is getting pretty innovative and challenging altogether.

If you are also looking to hire interior designers for your home then what things you need to discuss, what to fix and what to avoid, are few questions must be rolling in your mind. Here we are to help you. Following are the must-have things you need to discuss with your interior designing company before taking any package. Of course financial discussion is there that you will plan out for sure, so without paying attention to this factor, we will move to the other necessary fixes which are mentioned below-

1. Interior designing theme

Don’t just pick any theme but opt for those you are interested. Make sure your taste, requirement and personality matches to the theme. Discuss a lot, literally a lot, while choosing themes. There are so many options in themes and make sure your interior provider introducing all. You can choose theme in custom home interior design like historic and period style, mission and colonial decoration, classic and contemporary mix, science and botanical print theme, modern urban style, vintage and minimalist creations, country cottage or shabby chic, romantic and retro, environment friendly and literally many others to count in.
There are really superb ideas for home decoration to renovation you can pick and leave your friends in awe.

2. Lighting and Furniture

Furniture plays a beautiful part in interior designs and great is that you can customize them as well, as per space of your house. Ask for options like multi-functional furniture, technological furniture, light toned woods, pleats, vintage or modern furniture, kids furniture and everything you have in mind. Same goes with lighting, it is important to go with trends. Where LED Lightings are practical and affordable as compared to other alternatives, pendant lighting, chandeliers, lighting inside drawers and cabinets are other trends to go with in 2015. You can also pick lighting in the shower, wireless lighting and security control system, copper-colored light fixtures and other fixes.

Smart, Stylish and Spacious kitchen Interiors Ideas!

Kitchen is undoubtedly the most active place of any house.  We often say it is the “Heart of the Home”. From morning tea, breakfast to lunch, dinner to mid night coffee, this place works around the clock without making any complaints. You cook, you eat, you do lots of experiments in your kitchen, and even you do sometimes turn this place a ground of family discussions. You love to spend time with your wife or mother here, and how can we forget about those romantic moments you spend in the kitchen while cooking together. But have you ever thought that you can revive those good moments into beautiful one by opting for extraordinary kitchen interior designs. Why you still choose basic kitchen and feel uninspired with builder-grade cabinets, poor quality simple laminate countertops, total absence of color and those unbearable harsh overhead lighting?

If you are also looking to bring excellence and exquisiteness to your kitchen than here we have great Kitchen Interior ideas for you. So, let your boring kitchen look beautiful, spacious and more lively where you love to cook more eat more and yes continue doing discussions more. Give your Kitchen new personality, a new character.

1. A kitchen with cool beige tones and recessed lighting and decoration will create a sense of calm, so focus on colors and lights for the kitchen. Classic white furniture, dining table and chairs will go perfect with this theme.

2. Large space for counter makes a kitchen look big and orderly. Space under this countertop can be used for kitchen material storage. Let the kitchen really brightens things up with open cabinets of bright color for a distinctly modern vibe.

3. Sunken dining table displays a contemporary theme and is ideal for cozy seating that invites lingering at the table long after dinner. More stylish and comfortable, this seating style is way to hold every family member longer at meals.

4. A well-organized section for crockery and antiques displays class and standard, also makes the storage of expensive and unique dishes safe and easy.

5. Having plenty of drawers, cabinet and counter space is good idea for kitchen.  All you need to do is pick the right material, full wooden furnished or granite countertops, tile backsplash, and stainless steel appliances. There are choices in color theme as well.

6. With built-in microwaves, you’ll no longer have to compromise counter space or buy a microwave table. You will have a clean-looking kitchen along with the wonderful storage, prep space, and dining space.