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The guide of Amazing Interior home designing – Rigid Interiors

Home is a place which reflects your style and you can’t compromise on it. Everyone expects their place should be comfortable, appealing and functioning well as per their desire, to have a dream house according to their wish. But to build a dream house isn’t an easy task; it takes a lot of planning, research, and hard work. A person needs to be perfect in every way in researching, planning and to execute things in a best way.

Designing a house is long and time consuming process and obviously in this modern and busy world, no one has that much time which your house actually needs for designing, but don’t worry, if you don’t have a time and wish to décor your house soon, we have a perfect solution for you – Hire a professional designing team. Yes, nowadays we have professional interior designers with their teams to make your dream house into real.

People often hesitate to hire a professional designer as they have a misconception that they might be forced to adopt someone else choice and style but this is not the case, designers are professional and they are in business world to fulfill our needs and will provide you the best what you need in your budget. In fact they bring a lot of options of your choice in terms of architecture, furniture, color etc. You only have to tell the idea which is going in your mind and your budget. Also, the interior designing companies work on a set budget, that’s provided by you before starting the project. Whatever may be the idea, all are executed in the mentioned price range that does not drill a hole in your pocket.

Not only designers work for your project in fact engineer consultants will also plan for you, so you won’t face any problem regarding wiring or pumbling in future. Now if you have taken the decision to hire the professionals so now question is how and who? So here also we are there for you the solution is ‘RIGID Interiors’.

One of the best interior design companies in Dubai, Rigid Interior offers bespoke designing solutions that fits all your requirements. Along with residential Interior designing, Rigid Interiors also offers commercial interior design, for any kind of businesses. If you want to give your home a fabulous makeover, and looking for interior decoration companies in Dubai, then look no more and visit Rigid Interiors, for all your designing and joinery needs.

You can contact us on website visit here http://rigidinteriors.com/ and call now +971 426 88 188

Build and Made: Next Effective Home sense Interior Design

Interior decoration for a resident is a multi-task handiwork. It is a task in which you have to focus on everything which you are taking use in your space. The core characteristics of interior Designing are colour, furniture and decor items. Hence, you have to be alert on everything which you are using while designing. A particular place especially your resident should be designed very well and have to be designed while keeping several things in mind. The basic need while designing a resident, you should focus on the comfort level, It should provide the best comfort level to the people who are living in a resident. Home is a place for relaxation, after all family members used to spend their time after the hectic schedule. Along with the need of comfort, designer should also keep an eye on the modern things as well as technologies. Modern technologies will also help you to fulfil the needs of comfort. It is a bitter truth that with time, everything changes and a new thing takes a place of older things. Every year numerous different designs, furniture, etc marked their presence in the market. Designer’s main aim is to create a unique, different and latest interior which are trending in the market. In 2017 different themes has taken place in the market.

Formal Dining Rooms:  In 2017 experts created the trend of formal dining rooms. The entrance should be simple and attractive. No need to keep useless things. Try to keep limited thinks and most important dining chairs should be comfortable. On table and chairs try to place things with light colors they should not be bright. The main focus should be that eyes should get relaxation while seeing the room. If you have a small space then also you can create a well place by the best tips. In a room only a sofa and dining table should be placed nothing more than that.

All white rooms: 2017 is a time for the white decor for the homes. In 2017, in home décor the major change has occurred that the place of colorful design ideas has taken by the white rooms. May be the reason behind this idea is, as we already told you in above lines that home is a place for relaxation and white colour represents for peace.

Brushed Metal: This year brushed metal has marked there strong place in the markets. Brushed polished metal is also known as dull polished metal. Brushed Metal is metal with a unidirectional satin finish. Stainless steel, aluminium and nickel are the parts of Brushed Metal. Bronze and gold are at high demand in market.

If you are planning to design your interior with the latest trending so Rigid Interior designing is waiting for your call to help you out with the best and effective team. We provide you the latest furniture which is on demand at the present era. Contact us on +971 426 88 188

Let your personal style shine in your Home Decor

Home – a place that we call our own, in this wide world! Our own personal haven, our tranquil paradise! There is no place like home!

Our home holds a special place in our lives. A humble abode that we spend most of our time in, so it comes without a doubt, that our home should be an extension of our own personality. After a long day at work, or from a tiring trip, we want to return to a place, which makes us feel welcome. A room with walls and furniture is considered home. A place with a homely decor, with a comforting vibe and personal touch, is what home is all about. Therefore, it is imperative that while designing your space, you should let your personal style shine in it.

There are multiple ways to design your home decor. By mugging up trends in decor magazines or taking the advice of eminent interior designer on blogs, to transform your humble abode into a bespoke haven. However, all these ways are standardised and lack personal touch that you desire in your space. If you want your house to look as the extension of your own personality, then contact Rigid Interiors today. The prominent interior designing company in Dubai, Rigid Interiors employee a team of highly efficient experts that offers you the customised solution for all kinds of designs.

Whether you are a simple person and requires interior designing minimalist style or an eclectic at heart and desires interior designing maverick style or love vintage chic and want to go for interior designing rustic style, interior designing retro style, whatever may be your personal style, Rigid Interiors offer you personalised solution, that let your personal style shine all the way through. Their eminent team of designers offers you customised solutions, keeping in sync with your desires and giving you exactly what you want in a set budget. From interior designing high-tech style, to interior designing contemporary style to interior designing neoclassical style, Rigid Interiors are experts to transform your home, and give it any kind of look that you desire.

With their expertise and your style, you home is just a call away to transform into a fabulous dome. To know more, Contact us today at T: +971 426 88 188 W. rigidinteriors.com | Email: sales@rigidinteriors.com| Address: Salah Al-din road Deira, Dubai.

Ways To Make Home Interior Ready For Spring And Summer!

The much awaited weather spring has approached that too in a very pleasing manner and till then you must have folded up all that unwanted stuff of winters. Winter usually snuggled down every part of home, especially bedroom with the presence of heavy covers and blankets, extra pillows and throws, woollen clothes, darker shade curtains and more, but we do enjoy this messy yet steaming full environment. However, we cannot carry out this self-created interior to this hot season spring followed by summer. So, we have decided to bring you a list of easy-to-follow spring home maintenance tips that is similar to complete interior designing of home. Yeah, it means now you don’t need to go for complete interior designing seasonally what all you need to follow are these tips on home cleaning, organizing, and maintenance. You can easily keep your dear nest in tip-top shape, read how-
1. Update your covers – Lighten up things with new covers and curtains. Go for darker to lighter shades for pillow covers, bed sheets, door and window curtains. It is easy to give your living room, bedroom a make-over by having “cover wardrobes” for sofas, bed and pillows, just like we do for seasonal clothing. Pick printed cotton and breezy fabrics like linen.
2. Bring some foliage – When spring time rolls around you look for more green and blue, as both cools down environment and mood. Big statement leaves in classic or cocktail style vases is way to bring calmness to home interior. You can fix colourful vases to living room, both side of bed or in balcony.
3. Rearrange furniture – This ultimately no-cost designing tip will let you feel this new season. Rearrange the furniture of living room, it will not only give super quick update but also clean up the entire area for better, fresh and fragrance full summer.
4. Add splash of Colors – Color will do help in lighting things up a bit, so your home interiors designing get a quick make-over with colors of 2015 like teal blue, jelly green, lagoon, tangerine tango, yolk yellow, scuba blue, aquamarine, toasted almond, strawberry pink and others. Change covers, pillows, curtains and bed sheets using these colors. You can look for colourful furniture, affordable vases, and other entertaining objects.
5. Clean and clutter-free go – This sunny weather requires clean and spacious interior that you can get by giving cleaning touch up to every room. Your cleaning, organizing work will get half when you rearrange the furniture. Remove carpets, change curtains, rearrange sofa and dining table, give a touch up to windows and if possible go for wall painting with summer-friendly paints.
6. Get the garden inside – The more you look at fresh flowers and gorgeous shades green the more you start loving this sunny weather. Get small house plants like aloe-vera, spider plant (chlorophytum comosum ), gerber daisy flower plant, golden pothos, Red-edged dracaena and more.