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Why Space Planning Is Crucial?

Have you recently purchased a new space – your dream house? Do you want to leave no stone unturned to ensure, the place looks magnificent? Do you see yourself settled there for years to come? Then you should know about the first basic rule of residential space interior design and that is space planning. Every space and every room in that space has a purpose to solve. Be it for sleeping, bathing, entertaining, dining or just storing, but each and every room should be functional. So before you start decorating your room and filling it with furniture and decorative items, you first need to create a strategy for space planning.


Why Space Planning?

Various homeowners live in the denial that space planning and designing or residential space fit out can be achieved by themselves, without a professional’s help. Whether you are looking for residential space interior design or commercial space interior design, space planning is crucial. An inadequately planned area will not only make space look dated and unattractive, but will also not utilise the space completely. Therefore it is imperative that one should invest in space planning, before going on with the decorations.


It’s Benefits:

Making sure the residential space fit out and commercial space fit out is done properly, electrical outlets are at a right and space place. Ensuring you have enough light and creating a perfect balance between artificial and natural lighting and placing the furniture in a well-planned manner for maximum usage, planning all this can be a bit too much for the homeowner. Therefore the best thing to do is opt for an expert.


Rigid Interiors:

When it comes to choosing the right expert, there is nobody better than Rigid Interiors. The leading interior designing companies in Dubai, Rigid Interiors have specialised in Residential space interior design and commercial space interior design. Whether you are looking for Residential space fit out, bespoke home furniture design, Bespoke home furniture installation or Commercial Space Interior Fit out, bespoke Office Furniture Design, bespoke Office Furniture Installation, Rigid Interiors is the right choice for you.


Top Interior Designing Trends in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is the fastest growing, ever changing business in the market today. For indulging their guests by providing a luxurious experiencing and high-end services, hotel and restaurant owners keep adapting to new designing trends, keeping in sync with the demands of the market. For attaining success, it has become imperative to be a differentiator in the market, and design plays a huge role in attaining that position. We at Rigid Interiors, the leading hospitality interior design company in Dubai, brings to you the new and upcoming interior designing trends in the hospitality industry that every hotel owner should know about.

More in Less:

Designing a beautiful space is not difficult, maintaining its beauty is. And this gets even more difficult in a commercial space. The first basic of commercial space interior design is to invest in material that not only looks great but are easy to maintain and fits the budget. For example, rather than getting original hardwood floors, hotel owners can invest in large-scale rectangular tiles and laminate floors that look and feel like real wood. This concept of more in less is applicable in every hospitality sector and keeps adapting with the introduction of new materials in the market.

Multi-use Spaces:

Not every hotel owner is blessed with the huge area, with enough space to design your heart’s content in. Boutique hotels, motels, guest houses, and quaint hotels are often left with less square feet’s to accommodate all the essentials and also find space to accentuate the look. Therefore, it has been necessary to plan multi-use spaces in hospitality space interior design. Arranging a seating and flooring chart, getting wall closets, vertical pieces and fixtures helps one to balance the look along with the function of the place. To attain a multi-use space one should first plan hospitality space interior fit out, by an expert.

An Eco Route:

The green revolution is in full swing in the design industry and even in commercial interior designing, owners and designers and emphasising on locavorism and social sustainability. Hotels have started implementing technology to conserve resources and opt for more natural products. Focusing more on natural light other green features have re-emerged is incorporated fluidly into hotel design and hospitality practices. Along with this, repurposed hotel furniture, and using of local handicrafts is also making its way in the forefront which helps to support local economies and promotes eco-sustainability.

These few trends are creating ripples in the commercial space interior design fields. Be it hotels or restaurants, owners are continuously experimenting with their look to give their brand an edge. If you are one such hotel owner, looking to give your space a magnificent yet functional design, then opt for the leading interior designing company in Dubai – Rigid Interiors. Rigid Interiors has been a leading hospitality space interior design firm in UAE for years now. For transforming any space into an incredible hotel, opt only for the best – Rigid Interiors.

Get Introduced to Commercial Interior Designing

The concept of interior designing is not just limited to decoration; there is a lot that goes into planning of space, designing it on the basis of size and function and ensuring all the fit out work is done properly. This well-planned management which includes the designing and decoration of a space is what forms interior designing. And interior designing is not only essential in residential spaces, it is equally crucial in commercial spaces too. Actually, interior designing is a more integral part of commercial units, because in commercial spaces like hospitality, retail and office spaces one has to keep in mind the functionality aspect too, along with an attractive look. If you are recently constructing a commercial unit, keep these aspects of commercial interior designing in mind.


Functionality plays an integral part in commercial interior designing. From commercial fit out to furniture and furnishings installation. If a commercial space can’t solve the purpose of the business then, however, beautiful it may look, it’s of no use. The functionality aspect not only means buying the right furniture, it also includes installing the furniture in a perfect manner to completely utilise the space, without lacking on the comfort factor.

Space Planning:

The next aspect of the commercial interior designing is space planning. Space planning is extremely crucial while designing both residential and commercial space. A poorly designed space will look unattractive, will be disorganized and hence not solve the purpose for your business and may even lead to less productivity of the employees. Not every business owner can efficiently handle the task of designing for commercial space. Therefore, a professional comes in the scene. Professional interior designers help in thoroughly designing the space, ensuring in maximum utilisation, proper mechanical and electric work and ample lighting.

Hiring a Professional:

If you want your commercial unit to create a great first impression of your business, then opt for professional interior designers. Commercial interior designing companies provide engineering consult that helps in space planning, using the most out of the giving area in the best aesthetic way possible.
Looking for commercial interior designers? Rigid Interiors, the leading interior designing company in Dubai, has been at the pinnacle of designing space for decades. Experts in both residential and customer space interior design, Rigid Interiors offer bespoke solutions for any kind of business.