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Why Space Planning Is Crucial?

Have you recently purchased a new space – your dream house? Do you want to leave no stone unturned to ensure, the place looks magnificent? Do you see yourself settled there for years to come? Then you should know about the first basic rule of residential space interior design and that is space planning. Every space and every room in that space has a purpose to solve. Be it for sleeping, bathing, entertaining, dining or just storing, but each and every room should be functional. So before you start decorating your room and filling it with furniture and decorative items, you first need to create a strategy for space planning.


Why Space Planning?

Various homeowners live in the denial that space planning and designing or residential space fit out can be achieved by themselves, without a professional’s help. Whether you are looking for residential space interior design or commercial space interior design, space planning is crucial. An inadequately planned area will not only make space look dated and unattractive, but will also not utilise the space completely. Therefore it is imperative that one should invest in space planning, before going on with the decorations.


It’s Benefits:

Making sure the residential space fit out and commercial space fit out is done properly, electrical outlets are at a right and space place. Ensuring you have enough light and creating a perfect balance between artificial and natural lighting and placing the furniture in a well-planned manner for maximum usage, planning all this can be a bit too much for the homeowner. Therefore the best thing to do is opt for an expert.


Rigid Interiors:

When it comes to choosing the right expert, there is nobody better than Rigid Interiors. The leading interior designing companies in Dubai, Rigid Interiors have specialised in Residential space interior design and commercial space interior design. Whether you are looking for Residential space fit out, bespoke home furniture design, Bespoke home furniture installation or Commercial Space Interior Fit out, bespoke Office Furniture Design, bespoke Office Furniture Installation, Rigid Interiors is the right choice for you.


Flexible interior designing Got Easy with Rigid Interiors

Gone are the days when we use to reside in humongous bungalows, or spacious homes or private townhouses. Today, more than 50% of the population are living in apartments. In UAE, an average home in confined within 1000-15000 square feet area. With spaces shrinking in a rapid speed and homes confiding in small areas, switching to flexible and space efficient interior design has become a must. Flexible interior designing has become the new norm in the design community, where designers are aiming to create flexible living spaces that adapt to your changing lifestyle and needs. Flexible spaces are rooms that serve more than one purpose and can be transformed into their many avatars with sliding or lift up panels. If you want to design your home with flexible, Rigid Interiors is here for you.

The interior designer in UAE, Rigid Interiors offers bespoke home furniture design which is a stylish and efficient way to style your home. We at Rigid Interior offer you few tips to transform your house into a flexible space, with pouring in thousands.

Opt for Flexible Furniture:

A single piece of furniture takes a large chunk of the area; therefore, it is imperative that each piece of furniture should play multiple roles. Rigid interiors offer a wide range of custom made furniture design that help you create personalised furniture that suits your needs. Choose for furniture that expands and contract, like a dining table with expandable top, or a bookshelf with pull-over chairs.

Go Vertical:

For small spaces, the best idea is vertical storage options. If you have less pantry space, or the kid’s room is small and can just store a bed and a wardrobe; start investing in vertical storage options that help you store all your knick knacks, to make it space efficient and also stylish. Rigid Interiors offer creative wall panelling designing options that are both efficient and attractive.

Flexible Lighting:

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to transform your decor from plain to fabulous. In cramped houses, lighting can do wonders to instantly convert your space to fit the need and mood. For example, bright lighting can be fit for office use, or kids’ time, a dimmer softly lit light can help you set up a romantic ambience. Rigid Interiors offers excellent space lighting designs, including colour changing LEDs, designer bulbs and fixtures, gorgeous chandeliers, which help you transform your house.

With clever solutions for residential space interior design by Rigid Interiors, Flexible interior designing just got easy. To transform your home from sluggish to stylish, from shabby to fabby, call us now!