Smart Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Gone are the days, when homeowners use to reside in colossal spaces with enough liberty to design to their heart’s content. With spaces taking a drastic chopping in the size and people residing in modest spaces, interior designing has also evolved with these new homes. If you have a small space and think that you would have to satisfy your design wishes with the bare minimum, and then let us break the myth for you. If you have traded in the size for a premium locality, then your interior designing needs will not have to bear the grunt. We at Rigid Interiors are here to show you the light and give you insights about design ideas for small spaces. Rigid Interiors bring you few easy luxury interior design ideas to make your modest dome look upscale, sophisticated, and functional, in a jiffy.

Fold it up:

The huge dilemma that apartment owners face is deciding on which furniture piece to opt for and which furniture piece to let go off, eyeing the space deficit. But by opting flexible furniture, you can install various furniture pieces in your room, without having to compromise on the space. Flexible furniture pieces like folding beds, folding tables, expandable couches, vertical shelves, wall cabinets, sofa cum beds not only save you space and a pocket-friendly but being available in an array of shapes and sizes, they also add on to the style quotient.

Keeping it Clean:

When it comes to designing for small apartments, one should always opt for minimalistic interior designing. By keeping the décor clean and crisp you can create an illusion of large spaces. One can’t compromise on the basic pieces of furniture like beds, and dressings and sofa’s, but while choosing decorating items and add-on pieces, opt for the one that is also useful, rather than just decorative. For example, chose for an out of the box piece of lamp in a bright colour or metallic that solves the dual purpose of style and function.

Light it up:

By ensuring ample of light in your space, you can make your space look larger and spacious. Light plays a crucial role in any space, be it humongous or tiny. Make the most of the natural light, by installing large windows and also large mirrors to reflect the light in your rooms. Spend a little extra in mood lighting to transform your one room into a multi-purpose space by just flicking the button. Wall colours also are an important part of lighting, opt for earthier, neutral colours. But if you are fan of bright, then have an accent wall, painted in a bright colour to create a bespoke look.

By following these easy design ideas you can make your modest apartment look fabulous. Rigid Interiors the leading residential space interior design company are experts in luxury interior design in Dubai. From any space size to any theme, Rigid Interiors expert team can make any space look breathtakingly beautiful. Whether you are looking for residential space interior design, office interior design companies in Dubai, for any luxury interior design opt only for the best – Rigid Interiors.

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