Interior Designing Basic – Colouring A Space

Are you planning to decorate your new home, or revamp the old one? Are you planning to give your room a fresh look, or add personality to your existing decor? Whatever may be your designing need, to give you space a breath of fresh air, and make it look wow, then add a dash of colour. Yes, the colour of the walls plays an important role in uplifting any room’s look. By choosing the right colour, you can add depth, character and texture in your room, making it look fabulous. We at Rigid Interiors, the leading interior decoration companies in Dubai, are here to give you the insights on colouring your home in a perfect way.

Choosing the Right Colour:

Every interior designer swears by it, every decoration firms give advice for it, interior designing is incomplete without it, and yes we are talking about adding colour to your decor. One of the top residential and office interior design companies in Dubai, Rigid Interiors have always strived to go beyond the norm and culture and bring new trends in decor designs. Gone are the days when neutrals colours like hues of white beige, creams and browns were your only option, when it comes to painting your house. Nowadays, many interior designers are experimenting with bright and bold colours that give your space a distinctive look.

Setting the Balance:

Opting for pastorals and vibrant colours helps a great deal, in transforming your boring decor into a bright one. Whether you’re are painting your living room, or decorating your bedroom or even an office space, vibrant and eclectic colours can not only elevate your space but also give it a personalised touch. If you favour bright and vibrant colours but have a house with walls painted in neutrals, then worry not, because we have a solution for that too. Add accents to your walls and in your decor, to introduce colour into your space, without going through the pains of transforming in completely.

Get the Expert:

At Rigid Interiors, we also offer customised luxury interior design solutions and bespoke wall colouring options that you can use in your decor and add a dash of colour in it. We at Rigid Interiors, the leading interior designing companies in Dubai, offer you bespoke luxury interior design Dubai solutions that provide customised interiors that fit both budget and style. Together, with our excellent team of experts and your style aesthetics, we can create magic and make your space looks like it’s right out of a decor magazine.

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