How To Achieve Luxurious Interiors In A Budget ?

Who doesn’t want to experience a luxury stay in a 5-star property? Lie in the lap of luxury and relish the bespoke comfort of modern hospitality. We all wish to check out from our daily hectic lives and check in at a luxurious hotel for some leisure time. But breaking away from work and spending thousands of money on hotels in not a practical option. So the best idea to stay in luxury for a longer period is to transform your home into a luxurious paradise.


Rigid Interiors, the leading luxury interior design company in Dubai, brings you few ideas to elevate your humble abode and transform it into a high-end room & get luxurious interiors, without spending a bomb on it. Not living in a luxurious haven just g ot easy.


Simplistic Modernity:

The one thing that speaks luxury like nothing else is simplistic modern living. Interior designers around the globe have adopted this mantra of using fewer statement pieces to create an attractive decor. One thing that plays a major role in giving your space a contemporary look is colour. Colour can easily elevate your space to look high end. Choosing the right colour that suits your house and your choice is a must. To give your space luxurious interiors, calming looks opt for neutral tones. If you like bold, bright colours then accentuate one wall with a bright paint or use stylish wallpapers to give it a depth and distinctive appeal.


Luxurious Comfort:

Nothing can complete with a comfortable bed or a sofa after a long tiring day. To get that gorgeous luxury hotel look, invest in good home furniture. You do not necessarily have to go all out. You can pick up economic pieces and style with silk sheets, fluffy pillows and covers to give it an expensive look. Also, not just furniture, the other furnishings should also complement the furniture. Try in the hues of same palate or mix and match and add colours and accentuate to make your decor stand out.


The Final Touch:

Often just one bright bulb can give your decor a bright fresh look. Lighting plays a very important role in a luxurious decor. Whenever you enter a hotel room, you always witness a brightly lit room with various lamps and ceiling lights. This is because; lights can instantly transform your home from drab to fab. While revamping your place, find a balance of natural and artificial lighting. For a high-end look, install statement chandeliers and bespoke lamps.


These are few easy to apply and affordable tips to transform your space into a luxurious paradise. If you wish an experts advice on the same, head towards Rigid Interiors. Rigid Interiors has been the leading luxurious interior designers in Dubai. A rigid Interiors highly efficient team of experts can give your space an expensive look in any budget. Whether you are looking for residential space interior design or office interior design companies in Dubai, Rigid Interiors in the best choice.


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