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Rigid Interiors – One Stop Shop For All Your Fit Out Works

Office fit out or residential fit out compromises of various specific jobs. The project can be vast and extensive including individual jobs like space planning, project marking, lighting, flooring, air conditioning, furniture set up and many others. If you go ahead on with the daunting task of personally looking over the fit out work for your office or residential space, then you would have to hire individual contractors, get quotes, negotiate price, look over on the work and finally checking it to be sure that all the fit-out work is done as per your needs. Sounds like a hectic job, especially if you are trying to juggle to get all this work done along with your daily tasks and job requirements.

For any business or home owner, personally looking after each and every aspect of fit out work is not feasible. Here enters fit-out companies and project managers – a one-stop shop that handles your complete fit-out needs from construction to final completion. These interior fit out companies in Dubai, offer you all the specialist services such as building works, joinery, mechanical and electrical, space management, civil works, metalwork, furniture and upholstery and much more.

Not only does these fit out companies in Dubai offer all fit out work under one roof, they also ensure that all the work done, is at par with your needs and high on quality. If you are looking for the best fit out companies in Dubai, then your search ends at the best – Rigid Interiors. The leading fit out companies Dubai, Rigid Interiors offers you its excellent expertise to get the work done with full efficiency. Rigid Interiors offers a modern lookout to your space, going with the trends and keeping a balance between style and function. They ensure maximum utilisation of space and get the work done at minimum cost. For any interior design or fit out needs, opt only Rigid Interiors

Get Introduced to Commercial Interior Designing

The concept of interior designing is not just limited to decoration; there is a lot that goes into planning of space, designing it on the basis of size and function and ensuring all the fit out work is done properly. This well-planned management which includes the designing and decoration of a space is what forms interior designing. And interior designing is not only essential in residential spaces, it is equally crucial in commercial spaces too. Actually, interior designing is a more integral part of commercial units, because in commercial spaces like hospitality, retail and office spaces one has to keep in mind the functionality aspect too, along with an attractive look. If you are recently constructing a commercial unit, keep these aspects of commercial interior designing in mind.


Functionality plays an integral part in commercial interior designing. From commercial fit out to furniture and furnishings installation. If a commercial space can’t solve the purpose of the business then, however, beautiful it may look, it’s of no use. The functionality aspect not only means buying the right furniture, it also includes installing the furniture in a perfect manner to completely utilise the space, without lacking on the comfort factor.

Space Planning:

The next aspect of the commercial interior designing is space planning. Space planning is extremely crucial while designing both residential and commercial space. A poorly designed space will look unattractive, will be disorganized and hence not solve the purpose for your business and may even lead to less productivity of the employees. Not every business owner can efficiently handle the task of designing for commercial space. Therefore, a professional comes in the scene. Professional interior designers help in thoroughly designing the space, ensuring in maximum utilisation, proper mechanical and electric work and ample lighting.

Hiring a Professional:

If you want your commercial unit to create a great first impression of your business, then opt for professional interior designers. Commercial interior designing companies provide engineering consult that helps in space planning, using the most out of the giving area in the best aesthetic way possible.
Looking for commercial interior designers? Rigid Interiors, the leading interior designing company in Dubai, has been at the pinnacle of designing space for decades. Experts in both residential and customer space interior design, Rigid Interiors offer bespoke solutions for any kind of business.

Adding Character to Your Existing Home Decor

We often get bored with our interiors and decor after a point of time. But we can’t revamp our home every time from the scratch. Redecorating the entire decor requires a lot of time and money, and budget wise it does not make any sense to invest in new interiors every year. Then what is the solution, should you stick to the same old boring interiors for years. No way! A smart owner knows how to give its decor a fresh look and add charm to the existing decor without spending a bomb. We at Rigid Interiors are here to help you with that.
In the post, we will give you some easy ideas to revamp your home decor and add a new style to it. These ideas are easy to implement and can be done on a shoestring budget.

Colour It:

By adding colour to your residential space interior design you can instantly add a fresh look to your space. You necessarily not have to re-paint the house, but can add accents in both decor and furniture. You can also take one wall in the room and paint it with bright colours to add more character to your space.

Personalise It:

The best way to revamp your home decor is to give it a personal touch. Show off photographs, souvenirs, trophies and other personal items on the mantle, glass cabinets, to give your decor zinc. You can also add a photo wall, by hanging family photos, children artwork in funky frames to add a whimsical touch to your space.

Light It:

Another way to add character to your existing decor is to add lighting to it. Both natural light and artificial light play a huge role in adding dimension to your space. With bright light, you can instantly elevate your decor and drastically change it. Add modern, contemporary light pieces to create a funky look. You can also spend a little on bespoke wall ceilings. Wall ceilings add a luxurious, high-tech looks to your space, and make it look fresh.

These are few easy to implement tips to revamp your home decor and add a character to it. However, if you wish to revamp your look and make it fabulous then opt for best interior designers in Dubai – Rigid Interiors. Rigid Interiors is the leading interior designing companies in Dubai, from interior designing of the living room to luxury interior designing, to residential fit out, Rigid Interiors offer all customised interior designing solutions. For any of your decorations need, Call us today: T: +971 426 88 188 W. | Email:| Address: Salah Al din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBAI.

Tips to Get Nature Inspired Interior Design

Admit it; there is no better stress buster than taking a walk, bare feet on the moist grass, surrounded by luscious trees, with flowers blooming and a cold breeze blowing. There is no better way to rejuvenate you than embracing the nature, and spending time in its lap. But in the hectic lives and tight schedules, who has the time to take a walk, or lay a picnic in the park. If you are a nature buff, or just miss the green around you, then you can transform your house into nature’s paradise by following these simple tips. Rigid interiors, one of the leading interior companies in Dubai has bought you, few tips to bring the outdoor, indoors, without spending a bomb or making a mess. So let your green side shine in your decor.

Let There Be Green:

The best way to embrace the nature and to involve it in your living room is to include potted plants and fresh flowers in your decor. From the living room to bedroom to balconies and even the bath, you can strategically place these potted plants all around your home. If you have a cramped space, you can opt for vertical wall plant arrangements that allow you to decorate vertical walls with plants and flowers. There are various kinds of plants that thrive in humid conditions, suitable for the home.

Go Natural:

Another way to bring outdoors inside is to use various natural materials while decorating your house. By using wood flooring, stone accents, jute pillows and bamboos wall crafts you can smartly and beautifully add nature to your interiors. While planning of nature inspired interior design, one should always keep the durability factor in mind. Though wood and stones ensure longevity, other fibres like jute, cotton requires a little extra attention. For ensuring that you choose the best products, you can rely upon expert interior designers that offer you the best material at an economic rate.

Nature-Inspired Decor:

This is certainly the most lasting and fuss free way to include nature in your house. Shades of green, blue and oranges, even violets are reminiscent of natures, they evoke a healthy, serene vibe in your decor. By opting for nature inspired colour palate, you can bring a breath of fresh air to your interiors. Not just wall paint, but using furniture, decorative items and add on pieces in the similar colour tone can help creating a soothing outdoor look.

These are few easy ideas to give your house a nature inspired look. But if you want to go all out, and transform your house into a scene from the jungle book, you should opt for professional interior designers. Rigid Interiors, the finest interior design companies in Dubai, is renowned for designing spaces that look breathtakingly beautiful. For any interior design in Dubai, look no more and call us now at

How to Make a White Decor Work

The onset of summers often gets people longing for pure, serene and clear colour white. Be it their clothes or decor, white creates a powerful statement, and looks absolutely magnificent if done right. If one colour that evokes effortless simplicity it is white, but designing an all white decor is not as effortless as the end product seems.

Many homeowners often shy away with an all-white design, because they believe a white room will look cold and will be hard to manage. Well, if done right, a white room can become an epitome of warmth, comfort, purity and cosiness. A white interior space can instill a light, airy and simplistic effect to your decor, making it feel refreshing and peaceful.

Decorating with white isn’t necessarily easy and might actually be more challenging than colour coordination. Rigid Interiors, your personal interior design consultant brings you some tips to successfully pull off a monochromatic colour scheme.

The Right Kind of White:

white interior

If you think that choosing a white colour for your walls is no brainer, then you have got it wrong. Even for professional designers, selecting the right white is a brain scratcher. There are tens and hundreds of shades, and not all shades look the pristine white that you have in mind. Shades of ivory, cream and porcelain whites are your safest bets for any kind of room. If you are confused with the kind of white you want, stress not and leave it to the expert. Rigid Interiors offers bespoke interior design to create a minimalistic design style that you dream off.

Smart Use of Contrast:

white room

If you have decided on a complete white decor, it does not mean that every piece in your room has to be white. Using wise contrasts can create a much-needed depth in your monochromatic colour scheme, and making it look fresh instantly. You can use different shades of white, darker on the wall and comparatively lighter on the furnishings to give the illusion of a larger space. Adding bold, even neon accent pieces to your space is also a good idea. An accent piece can be the centre of attraction and can blend the whole look together, make it fun and playful, rather than bland and boring.

Attention on the Decoration:

white furnishings

A sophisticated white room will become a paragon of style if you add right decoration pieces and accessories to it. Accessorizing bestows a specific style to the home, and its importance increases ten folds, with white interiors. Whether it is just a simple chair or an elaborate wall piece, decorating is the simplest way to add style, interest and definition. In an all-white design, you can also play with interesting wall hangings, coloured lighting to it give a depth to your interior. Also, don’t forget to add contrast accents while decorating your space.

These are few tips to create your own magical white decor. But if you rather have it done by an expert than you are at a right place. Rigid Interiors, one of the best interior designing companies in Dubai, offers you customised designing solutions that transform your interior from drab to fab in a crack.