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Importance of Office Interior in Modern Era – Rigid Interiors

Office design is vital to both employees and customers.  For employees who spend a large part of their day in an office, it is crucial to create a space that’s functional, visually appealing, comfortable and inviting—all of which promote productivity and efficiency.  For customers, office design sets the tone for a business and tells a story about the brand, its professionalism and success. Interior design has the ability to affect people’s moods, attitude, inspiration, drive and everything in between. That is why building a space conducive for owners, employees and customers is no longer being considered just a luxury, it’s becoming a necessity.

There is a reason why successful business men spend time and energy ensuring that office is well-designed. Not only does it create a healthy workplace, an office environment has the ability to enhance and support the success of a business. When you think about it, office is a home away from home for most of the people as significant no. of hours are spent in the office.

Here are some reasons why it is Important?

  • Employees often spend more time in the office than they do at home. With that in mind, it makes sense that well-designed offices can increase employee morale, productivity, efficiency and overall attitude at home.  The idea is to make the office a place they want to be, not where they have to be.


  • Interior design can consciously or subconsciously influence people’s mood and energy on a daily basis. Office interiors have the power to play a major role in influencing the emotions of owners, employees as well as the customers. This makes the design of the company, one of the most important designs when deciding to create an identity and healthy workplace.

Hence, a good office design can solve a multitude of problems and can transform a tired office environment into an inspirational and rejuvenated work place. So, if you are ever looking to re-decorate or redesign your office interiors from scratch, then your search is officially over at Rigid Interior which is at its pinnacle for interior designing.

Best Office Interior Designing Tips – Rigid Interiors

Office design is vital to both employees and customers.  For employees who spend a large part of their day in an office, it is essential to create a space that’s functional, visually appealing, comfortable, and inviting—all of which promote productivity and efficiency.  For customers, office design sets the tone for a business and tells a story about the brand, professionalism, and success.

Have you ever noticed that, when you start up an office, the most difficult part is the designing phase? An office is not just some setup of furniture and electronics. It is your “workplace”!

Here are some important tips, which will make your place perfect.

Office Furniture

Office furniture is a basic requirement in the corporate world. Often workplace is considered as the second home; as workers spend the majority of their workday in office. Therefore, it is necessary that you should invest in office furniture that is stylish as well as comfortable.


Lights play a very crucial role in office. Natural light makes people happier: so, when you come to design your office, make the most of the sunlight with windows, skylights and glass walls. You will even save on your electric bill! A proper lightening has an ability to boost up the energy employees. A bright, illuminated office not only makes it easier for employees to see, but it also improves productivity and quality of life.


Reception is a core part of any office; it should have the abilities to impress the visitors. It is the first thing people used to observe and it is a foremost display of your office. It reflects the personality of your company.


These are few easy tips to apply that can transform your boring office into a thoughtful workspace where ideas and productivity bloom. If you are re-decorating your office decor or looking for office interior designing from the scratch, then your search is officially over at the prominent office interior designing companies in Dubai – Rigid Interior. Rigid Interior has been at the pinnacle of office interior designing in Dubai.

Why Solid Wood Furniture is the Best Type of Furniture

The few things that every owner considers before buying the right furniture for his house or office, is the look, durability, and cost of the furniture. The design is what forms the base of a space, but furniture fills life in the decor. Finding the right furniture for your space is imperative and this task can be a difficult one. With a plethora of options available in the market, it gets tricky to choose which suits you the best. When all fails, wood is something that hails. Yes, Solid wood furniture has been the king on furniture for decades, and this is because of its wonderful properties.

It goes without saying that every piece of furniture should be practical enough to accommodate the needs of employees and durable enough to bear the daily wear and tear. With solid wood furniture, you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear at all. Wood furniture often lasts for decades, even centuries. Not just wooden beds, or sofas, even wooden credenzas, and wooden TV stand are durable enough to bear any sort of activity.
Today, the furniture market is brimming with wood alternative material like veneers, particleboard or medium density fibreboard (MDF), cost engineered wood materials etc to create wood replacements. But none has been able to compete with the look of wood. Not only solid wood furniture is durable, its attractive look can’t be matched. From classic contemporary, to vintage to modern appeal, you can get any kind of look from wooden furniture. Wooden furniture is not only limited to beds, tables, and sofas, it has also moved on to other arenas like wooden shoe rack, wooden TV cabinet and wooden mobile pedestals
One can’t always afford extravagant furniture pieces. Keeping in mind the overall budget, one has to choose for furniture that’s cost friendly too. But we often misjudge for cheaper the better. When it comes to wooden furniture, it is a onetime investment. Rather than spending few thousands every year on furniture alternative, its best to spend a little extra amount on solid wood furniture, and be rest assured for the rest of its life.
Rigid Interiors
If you are looking to furnish your home, and want to buy only the best solid wood furniture, then opt for Rigid Interiors. Rigid Interiors has been the leading interior designing and home furniture manufacturer in Dubai for decades. Its state of the art factory produces high quality home furniture made using the best raw material. From bespoke wooden beds, to classy dining table with chairs to beautiful wooden wardrobes, Rigid Interiors offers customized wooden furniture that suits your style and fits your budget.

Top Interior Designing Trends in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is the fastest growing, ever changing business in the market today. For indulging their guests by providing a luxurious experiencing and high-end services, hotel and restaurant owners keep adapting to new designing trends, keeping in sync with the demands of the market. For attaining success, it has become imperative to be a differentiator in the market, and design plays a huge role in attaining that position. We at Rigid Interiors, the leading hospitality interior design company in Dubai, brings to you the new and upcoming interior designing trends in the hospitality industry that every hotel owner should know about.

More in Less:

Designing a beautiful space is not difficult, maintaining its beauty is. And this gets even more difficult in a commercial space. The first basic of commercial space interior design is to invest in material that not only looks great but are easy to maintain and fits the budget. For example, rather than getting original hardwood floors, hotel owners can invest in large-scale rectangular tiles and laminate floors that look and feel like real wood. This concept of more in less is applicable in every hospitality sector and keeps adapting with the introduction of new materials in the market.

Multi-use Spaces:

Not every hotel owner is blessed with the huge area, with enough space to design your heart’s content in. Boutique hotels, motels, guest houses, and quaint hotels are often left with less square feet’s to accommodate all the essentials and also find space to accentuate the look. Therefore, it has been necessary to plan multi-use spaces in hospitality space interior design. Arranging a seating and flooring chart, getting wall closets, vertical pieces and fixtures helps one to balance the look along with the function of the place. To attain a multi-use space one should first plan hospitality space interior fit out, by an expert.

An Eco Route:

The green revolution is in full swing in the design industry and even in commercial interior designing, owners and designers and emphasising on locavorism and social sustainability. Hotels have started implementing technology to conserve resources and opt for more natural products. Focusing more on natural light other green features have re-emerged is incorporated fluidly into hotel design and hospitality practices. Along with this, repurposed hotel furniture, and using of local handicrafts is also making its way in the forefront which helps to support local economies and promotes eco-sustainability.

These few trends are creating ripples in the commercial space interior design fields. Be it hotels or restaurants, owners are continuously experimenting with their look to give their brand an edge. If you are one such hotel owner, looking to give your space a magnificent yet functional design, then opt for the leading interior designing company in Dubai – Rigid Interiors. Rigid Interiors has been a leading hospitality space interior design firm in UAE for years now. For transforming any space into an incredible hotel, opt only for the best – Rigid Interiors.

Indoor Fountains – Adding Zen to your Space

Over the decades, homeowners have experimented a great deal with designing their space. Earlier interiors were only limited to the colour of the walls and furniture. However, the new interior trends witnesses innovative designs, and add on pieces that completely transform your space and give it a personal touch. And what better way to personalize your space, than to add indoor water features.

Indoor water fountains are a great way to bring outdoors, inside and give your decor a relaxed, tranquillity. Be it the soothing sound of waves crashing to the shore or a serene tropical presence in your living room, indoor water features instantly lift up your decor by not only adding to the look but also to the ambience. By simply being in your living space, indoor fountains add a natural focal point and promote peace and tranquillity.

If you are a nature buff and living in a cramped space, or if you have a stressful job and want your own relaxed space, or if you are just looking to beautify your decor and give it an edge, water fountains for home does wonders for your space, giving it a zen that you miss in the urban jungle lifestyle. Not only in homes, water fountains for workplace, are also trending these days. Various business owners are also experimenting with an indoor water feature in their interiors, giving it a sense of style and also a relaxing feel that is much needed in an office environment.
Water fountains are not only a style statement for a relaxing agent in your interiors, they also have health benefits like providing one with clean and pure air. Studies prove that indoor fountains release negative ions that help to cleanse the air you are breathing making it more refreshing. Be it home, office or even hotels, indoor fountains are a great add on to any kind of decor. If you wish to add a stylish yet serene indoor water feature to your house, than Rigid Interiors is the right place for you. The leading interior designing firm in Dubai, Rigid Interiors excel in designing bespoke water fountain for both residential and corporate space.

Whatever may be your style, budget or design needs, our expert team of designers at Rigid Interior will make sure you get the right product that you desire. Now ordering a bespoke water fountain is just a call away. The custom-made water fountain designed at Rigid Interiors only uses the best materials. Made from 304-grade brushed stainless steel the indoor fountains are integrated with halogen lights and pump to give it a stylish look. Also, the water features are self-contained and do not require any water reservoir.

For extraordinary indoor water features call today at T: +971 426 88 188 or visit W. | Email:| Address: Salah Al-din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBAI.

Rigid Interiors Best Interior Fit Out Dubai & Joinery Works

Business branding is essential for it brings forth company’s core values, company’s culture and vision to its customers, business partners & employees. One requires Best Interior Fit- out Dubai. Visual branding is about making the brand stand out in visuals that includes right use of color, office design, rightly incorporating brand logo and more importantly what is the brand ‘s first impression on others.  Below we discuss 6 most important aspects of Office Interior Design for branding purposes:-

  • First Impressions:

  • May be the first impression is not the last but it is very important one for businesses.  The moment a client works in an office, s/he creates an impression of the place in his mind automatically.  Uniform office design, right office spacing according to brand image and furniture spacing plays a key role.
  • Corporate Identity:

  • Rigid best Interiors design and top fit-out team in Dubai will assist you to create a corporate space that speaks your brand clearly. This will ensure that your customers can relate to the brand easily and will result in high brand recall.
  • Right Furniture and Materials:

  • Hotel, resort and palace interiors and office design would work once the furniture, material, and flooring is in sync with the brand.  In case your brand is about heritage and royalty, likewise the furniture and feel of the space has to speak the same tone.
  • Employee Generated Content:

  • To put it simply, the employees need to feel connected with the work space and company’s vision.  This can be achieved by incorporated the office design in such a way that it becomes an extension of the company’s vision and core values.  If a company promotes mobility and open spaces, the office design should reflect that.
  • User Generated Content:

  • This is the age of millennial and sharing is like caring for them! They are sharing everything from their likes, dislikes and points of interest (s).  Customers walking into restaurants, hotel (reception area  revamp), offices and corporate spaces sure going to create their own user generated content by speaking of the brand with friends / family and sharing same online.
  • Corporate Impressions:

  • Rigid Interiors is your right interior design company in Dubai and we understand branding in terms of office spaces, hotel interior design and commercial interior design.   Contact us today at Rigid Interiors as your best home Interior design companies and Joinery Works in Dubai and UAE works to bring extraordinary homes for its clients.  Call us today: T: +971 426 88 188 W. | Email:| Address: Salah Al din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBAI.

Innovative Urban Interior Design, Fit Out Services

Interior design is tricky! Not knowing what it means can cause wrong results. Rigid Interiors in the Gulf region offers INTERIOR DESIGN expert services.

Designing interior conceptual art for palaces, hotels, offices, residential and commercial building is well taken care by our interior design team.  We take into consideration all the major aspects of space planning, detailing, design sketches, finishing, furniture, and custom fit out solutions.

We create décor elements that are one of its kinds, unique and appealing.  Hotel design / redesign, decoration, interior architect, and best designers create interior décor work that speaks high brand value for our clients.

Despite our efforts, high results, we are competitive with our prices and services across UAE and Dubai. Coming to furniture needs, the right furniture means that your major budget is utilized well and also has high resell value. For residential interior design, we can handle kitchen décor, wardrobes, bedroom, living space, garden décor, porch, kids’ rooms and more.

Houses are one of our passions and we understand that interior design is a trust business. We give only the best advice on either placement of a single piece or your complete project.

Fit-Out Services & Ease of Mind with Rigid Interiors

Without a struggle, there can be no progress-Frederick Douglass.  If you go by this quote in office spaces, you might be in some trouble with employee productivity, employee retention and keeping employees happy.

Wrong Office Design

Office furniture, office noise, lighting, and communication flow needs to be right.  Hiring the right office refurbishment supplier ensures that they have somebody on board who understands how fit-out services work.

Professional Fit Out Company

Rigid Interiors has become the name synonymous with high end designing and building the office interiors as well as project management.

Stress Free and Ease of Work

An office space should have a mix of independent work spaces and open spaces where employees can relax and visitors can unwind. Office receptions are getting more relaxed spaces with cafes and free Wi-Fi zones.

Interesting Work Spaces

Boring can kill so we ensure that office interiors, urbane hotel interiors, residential spaces, school interiors are suave. Rigid Interiors fit-out specialist never forgets charisma for the beguiled experience.

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