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Build and Made: Next Effective Home sense Interior Design

Interior decoration for a resident is a multi-task handiwork. It is a task in which you have to focus on everything which you are taking use in your space. The core characteristics of interior Designing are colour, furniture and decor items. Hence, you have to be alert on everything which you are using while designing. A particular place especially your resident should be designed very well and have to be designed while keeping several things in mind. The basic need while designing a resident, you should focus on the comfort level, It should provide the best comfort level to the people who are living in a resident. Home is a place for relaxation, after all family members used to spend their time after the hectic schedule. Along with the need of comfort, designer should also keep an eye on the modern things as well as technologies. Modern technologies will also help you to fulfil the needs of comfort. It is a bitter truth that with time, everything changes and a new thing takes a place of older things. Every year numerous different designs, furniture, etc marked their presence in the market. Designer’s main aim is to create a unique, different and latest interior which are trending in the market. In 2017 different themes has taken place in the market.

Formal Dining Rooms:  In 2017 experts created the trend of formal dining rooms. The entrance should be simple and attractive. No need to keep useless things. Try to keep limited thinks and most important dining chairs should be comfortable. On table and chairs try to place things with light colors they should not be bright. The main focus should be that eyes should get relaxation while seeing the room. If you have a small space then also you can create a well place by the best tips. In a room only a sofa and dining table should be placed nothing more than that.

All white rooms: 2017 is a time for the white decor for the homes. In 2017, in home décor the major change has occurred that the place of colorful design ideas has taken by the white rooms. May be the reason behind this idea is, as we already told you in above lines that home is a place for relaxation and white colour represents for peace.

Brushed Metal: This year brushed metal has marked there strong place in the markets. Brushed polished metal is also known as dull polished metal. Brushed Metal is metal with a unidirectional satin finish. Stainless steel, aluminium and nickel are the parts of Brushed Metal. Bronze and gold are at high demand in market.

If you are planning to design your interior with the latest trending so Rigid Interior designing is waiting for your call to help you out with the best and effective team. We provide you the latest furniture which is on demand at the present era. Contact us on +971 426 88 188

Rigid Interiors – One Stop Shop For All Your Fit Out Works

Office fit out or residential fit out compromises of various specific jobs. The project can be vast and extensive including individual jobs like space planning, project marking, lighting, flooring, air conditioning, furniture set up and many others. If you go ahead on with the daunting task of personally looking over the fit out work for your office or residential space, then you would have to hire individual contractors, get quotes, negotiate price, look over on the work and finally checking it to be sure that all the fit-out work is done as per your needs. Sounds like a hectic job, especially if you are trying to juggle to get all this work done along with your daily tasks and job requirements.

For any business or home owner, personally looking after each and every aspect of fit out work is not feasible. Here enters fit-out companies and project managers – a one-stop shop that handles your complete fit-out needs from construction to final completion. These interior fit out companies in Dubai, offer you all the specialist services such as building works, joinery, mechanical and electrical, space management, civil works, metalwork, furniture and upholstery and much more.

Not only does these fit out companies in Dubai offer all fit out work under one roof, they also ensure that all the work done, is at par with your needs and high on quality. If you are looking for the best fit out companies in Dubai, then your search ends at the best – Rigid Interiors. The leading fit out companies Dubai, Rigid Interiors offers you its excellent expertise to get the work done with full efficiency. Rigid Interiors offers a modern lookout to your space, going with the trends and keeping a balance between style and function. They ensure maximum utilisation of space and get the work done at minimum cost. For any interior design or fit out needs, opt only Rigid Interiors

Top Interior Designing Trends in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is the fastest growing, ever changing business in the market today. For indulging their guests by providing a luxurious experiencing and high-end services, hotel and restaurant owners keep adapting to new designing trends, keeping in sync with the demands of the market. For attaining success, it has become imperative to be a differentiator in the market, and design plays a huge role in attaining that position. We at Rigid Interiors, the leading hospitality interior design company in Dubai, brings to you the new and upcoming interior designing trends in the hospitality industry that every hotel owner should know about.

More in Less:

Designing a beautiful space is not difficult, maintaining its beauty is. And this gets even more difficult in a commercial space. The first basic of commercial space interior design is to invest in material that not only looks great but are easy to maintain and fits the budget. For example, rather than getting original hardwood floors, hotel owners can invest in large-scale rectangular tiles and laminate floors that look and feel like real wood. This concept of more in less is applicable in every hospitality sector and keeps adapting with the introduction of new materials in the market.

Multi-use Spaces:

Not every hotel owner is blessed with the huge area, with enough space to design your heart’s content in. Boutique hotels, motels, guest houses, and quaint hotels are often left with less square feet’s to accommodate all the essentials and also find space to accentuate the look. Therefore, it has been necessary to plan multi-use spaces in hospitality space interior design. Arranging a seating and flooring chart, getting wall closets, vertical pieces and fixtures helps one to balance the look along with the function of the place. To attain a multi-use space one should first plan hospitality space interior fit out, by an expert.

An Eco Route:

The green revolution is in full swing in the design industry and even in commercial interior designing, owners and designers and emphasising on locavorism and social sustainability. Hotels have started implementing technology to conserve resources and opt for more natural products. Focusing more on natural light other green features have re-emerged is incorporated fluidly into hotel design and hospitality practices. Along with this, repurposed hotel furniture, and using of local handicrafts is also making its way in the forefront which helps to support local economies and promotes eco-sustainability.

These few trends are creating ripples in the commercial space interior design fields. Be it hotels or restaurants, owners are continuously experimenting with their look to give their brand an edge. If you are one such hotel owner, looking to give your space a magnificent yet functional design, then opt for the leading interior designing company in Dubai – Rigid Interiors. Rigid Interiors has been a leading hospitality space interior design firm in UAE for years now. For transforming any space into an incredible hotel, opt only for the best – Rigid Interiors.

Use of Lamps in Interiors for Your Desks & Homes W/ Rigid Interiors

Functional lights are Pivotal for your home office interior design companies in Dubai to create the right light. Too much natural light at wrong locations can create trouble with shadows so does too bright light or dim light. Below we share 6 aspects of how to add right lighting to your home and work space with Rigid Interiors:-


• Use of Natural Light Available: Try to use the natural light in an intelligent way. If you use Laptops the most day then align your workstations in the north or south directions to avoid shadows during the day. Try to use both natural light, desk lamps and ambient light to make the best possible use of all the light sources.


• Ambient Light Usage: Don’t work under direct light source as it can impact your eyes in the long run and light should be even out in a balanced way in the complete room. Use of ambient light further adds ambience and mood to the room.


• Desk Lamps / Desk Lighting / Floor Lamps: Great looking and copper lamps are good choices. Floor lamps that can easily be moved and adjusted are in high demand.


• Accents Lights: The accent lights are required for the adding the wow factor.


• Folds and Curtains: Using light colour curtains and blinds cut the sharp lights during some of the day and are essential during the afternoon.


• Fit-out and Joinery Works: Interior Fit-out and Joinery works must be done by an expert only so that issues related with fit-out work don’t crop up later.


Contact us today at Rigid Interiors for all your lighting companies in dubai for home and office and fit-work jobs in Dubai and UAE works to bring extraordinary homes for its clients. Call us today: T: +971 426 88 188 W. | Email:| Address: Salah Al din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBAI.

Rigid Interiors Best Interior Fit Out Dubai & Joinery Works

Business branding is essential for it brings forth company’s core values, company’s culture and vision to its customers, business partners & employees. One requires Best Interior Fit- out Dubai. Visual branding is about making the brand stand out in visuals that includes right use of color, office design, rightly incorporating brand logo and more importantly what is the brand ‘s first impression on others.  Below we discuss 6 most important aspects of Office Interior Design for branding purposes:-

  • First Impressions:

  • May be the first impression is not the last but it is very important one for businesses.  The moment a client works in an office, s/he creates an impression of the place in his mind automatically.  Uniform office design, right office spacing according to brand image and furniture spacing plays a key role.
  • Corporate Identity:

  • Rigid best Interiors design and top fit-out team in Dubai will assist you to create a corporate space that speaks your brand clearly. This will ensure that your customers can relate to the brand easily and will result in high brand recall.
  • Right Furniture and Materials:

  • Hotel, resort and palace interiors and office design would work once the furniture, material, and flooring is in sync with the brand.  In case your brand is about heritage and royalty, likewise the furniture and feel of the space has to speak the same tone.
  • Employee Generated Content:

  • To put it simply, the employees need to feel connected with the work space and company’s vision.  This can be achieved by incorporated the office design in such a way that it becomes an extension of the company’s vision and core values.  If a company promotes mobility and open spaces, the office design should reflect that.
  • User Generated Content:

  • This is the age of millennial and sharing is like caring for them! They are sharing everything from their likes, dislikes and points of interest (s).  Customers walking into restaurants, hotel (reception area  revamp), offices and corporate spaces sure going to create their own user generated content by speaking of the brand with friends / family and sharing same online.
  • Corporate Impressions:

  • Rigid Interiors is your right interior design company in Dubai and we understand branding in terms of office spaces, hotel interior design and commercial interior design.   Contact us today at Rigid Interiors as your best home Interior design companies and Joinery Works in Dubai and UAE works to bring extraordinary homes for its clients.  Call us today: T: +971 426 88 188 W. | Email:| Address: Salah Al din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBAI.

Flower Power in Interior Design with Rigid Interiors

So true just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower – Hans Christian Andersen and the good news is that all the three are easy to find. We were born free, sunshine is plenty (at least in summers) and little flower can be easily found in the wild / in a garden and in Interior Design.

6 Ways to Incorporate the Flower Power

  • Floating Flower & Water Bowl:

  • Incorporate a beautiful brass bowl with floating flowers and water in your house.
  • Flower Wall Art:

  • Add flower touch to your walls of your house with wall flower stickers and flower wallpapers.
  • Indoor Plants & Flowers:

  • All plants require some sunlight and one can beautifully enhance the natural feel of a place by adding semi indoor plants to one’s home.
  • Floral Print Furniture & Drapes:

  • Floral print drapes add the beautiful sense of flowers matched with the room wall colors.  Rigid Fit Out Interior Design team would suggest only the best floral furniture pieces for your home décor.
  • Floral Print Carpets & Rugs:

    Buying an impressive floral print carpet and rug will add the much needed natural sense.

  • Floral Tiles & Paintings:

    Adding floral art is much easier when we have so many excellent artists around. Buy some of the best work and use Moroccan floral tiles.


Contact us today at Rigid Interiors as your best home Interior design companies and Joinery Works in Dubai and UAE works to bring extraordinary homes for its clients.  Call us today: T: +971 426 88 188 W. | Email: | Address: Salah Al din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBAI.

Revamp Your House into Beautiful Home with Rigid Interiors

Home is the nicest word there is – Laura Ingalls Wilder and to truly make it the nicest place, one needs to make extra efforts to make this place full of positive energy for the body and mind.

6 major aspects of home and interior fit out that could be revamped and redesigned by  fit out companies in dubai:

Kids’ Room:  

No matter you have a big family, small space, active / quite kids or kid’s who like ships / pirates / chronicles of Narnia / spaceship / basket ball / trees / fairy house, we have you covered! We understand that in case you don’t want to create a total fancy room, how to incorporate elements of interest for each kid and make it a room they love spending their time.

Living Room:

One’s living room is a space where the complete family can hang around while watching a flick, playing video games, sipping coffee or just hanging around.  Our Rigid interior design team will suggest excellent ideas how to make use of space function equation work, customized the living room furniture like arm chairs, ottomans, coffee table, artwork, rugs, lighting , curtains, window seat (for reading / quick nap) and much more.

Kitchen Ideas:

We understand that the kitchen is not just a functional space however a lot of time couples and kids’ could spend more time at their dream kitchen.  Either you wish for open shelves, furniture design kitchen, unique wallpaper kitchen designs, mix of modern and contemporary style kitchens, striking kitchen ceiling, natural marble / granite use, our Rigid Interior experts will have you wowed with the end result!
 Master Bedroom: When revamping your master bedroom, one can easily be spoiled for choices. You could go for your choice of colors, styles and feel here. Depending upon your taste either vivid or neutral tones, we would build upon the look of your master bedroom so that it becomes the most comfortable space for you.

Guest Room / Office Design:  

There is a need for guest room for arriving guests and office space in the house. We understand that need, and despite any lack of resources our team will suggest ways to create a perfect corner work desk, build in shelving and more.

Garage & Store Ideas:   

The garage may be the last thing you have on your mind, and that is why our team will suggest you very simple ways to optimize the space use and look of your store room / garage as well.

Rigid Interiors as your best home Interior design companies in Dubai and UAE works to bring extraordinary homes for its clients.  Call us today: T: +971 426 88 188 W. | Email: | Address: Salah Al din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBAI.

6 Interior Design Trends with Fit Out Companies in Dubai

Right Interior design trends are like classic hacks that make decision making quick unlike the overdone and tired trends. Here we share just the top and 6 best home, hotel & palace interior designing fit out trends of 2015:

  • Mixed Metals in Décor: No matter what your interior design goals, use of mixed metals in living room, kitchen, or bathroom would bring the right décor mix by layering of metals like copper, gold with cool ones like silver.
  • Indigo Goes Well: Your favorite could be Indigo and well that is a good choice as it goes well with other colors such as pink, green, coral and gray. You could use colors like navy blue or dark navy as well.

fit out companies in dubai, interior fit out companies in dubai

  • Smoky Glass: Clear glass has been a classic in construction and smoky glass is becoming a big trend this year to add feelings of mystery and intrigue.
  • Graphic / Pattern Tiles: Like the straight lines, geometric patterns, flower pattern, bohemian patterns that bring the beautiful to interior design.

interior design companies dubai, interior decoration companies in dubai,

  • Chevron Prints: Simple and elegant Chevron prints make for excellent choice in interior design. Appropriate use of Chevron prints on walls, floor, furniture, bed covers, carpets or curtains can add great appeal to ones’ interiors.

nterior companies in dubai, interior design,

  • Painterly & Moroccan Handmade Rugs: Painterly rugs give a fluid visual feel to the décor and make for true art collections. A high quality Moroccan soft feel rug in living room, bed room and other spaces give a posh look and adds a personal connection to one’s space.

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At Rigid Interiors our expert interior design team manages every single step of your design project. Call us today for top consulting at T: +971 426 88 188 W. | Email: | Address: Salah Al din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBAI.

Glass in Architecture & Interior Design Fit Out Projects

When you’re thirsty and it seems that you could drink the entire ocean that’s faith; when you start to drink and finish only a glass or two that’s science – Anton Chekhov. We at Rigid Interiors Fit Out believe in both, faith and science to build visual spaces that create a distinct impact. We believe in the faith of our highest ability and of science in interior design.

Pure Spaces & More Light

The use of glass in architecture helps to achieve the goal of making spaces look empty and clear of clutter. The transparent glass let’s in more light and brings the natural warmth inside our homes, hotels, resorts and offices.

Perfect Way to Illuminate Interiors

People are talking about creating complete building with Glasses and have already made spectacular landmarks. Masterpieces of Glass architecture such as the Sports and Leisure Center in Saint-Cloud France used color and glass to create ultimate recreation center and creativity for children. The Selgas Cano Office is made of glass in the middle of a quiet Spanish forest. Sears Tower now known as the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois, USA has millions of people visits its glass made observation deck.

Delicate Spaces Feel

With glass material one can create ethereal architectural sculptures. From white floors, glass outer walls one can create great visual connection to the surrounding environment. A Glass walkway allows us to be enclosed yet get an open view. Bring the earth, the forest and the sky to the interior design with glass usage in architecture.

Artistic Stained Glass

Stained glass blocks are very versatile, beautiful, and give us a high –end look.  Then we can have chemically-strengthened glass that can be used to even make elevators and technically everything with different textures and patterns.

Rigid Interiors as your best Interior design companies in Dubai and UAE works to bring extraordinary glass creations.  Call us today: T: +971 426 88 188 W. | Email: | Address: Salah Al din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBAI.

Innovative Urban Interior Design, Fit Out Services

Interior design is tricky! Not knowing what it means can cause wrong results. Rigid Interiors in the Gulf region offers INTERIOR DESIGN expert services.

Designing interior conceptual art for palaces, hotels, offices, residential and commercial building is well taken care by our interior design team.  We take into consideration all the major aspects of space planning, detailing, design sketches, finishing, furniture, and custom fit out solutions.

We create décor elements that are one of its kinds, unique and appealing.  Hotel design / redesign, decoration, interior architect, and best designers create interior décor work that speaks high brand value for our clients.

Despite our efforts, high results, we are competitive with our prices and services across UAE and Dubai. Coming to furniture needs, the right furniture means that your major budget is utilized well and also has high resell value. For residential interior design, we can handle kitchen décor, wardrobes, bedroom, living space, garden décor, porch, kids’ rooms and more.

Houses are one of our passions and we understand that interior design is a trust business. We give only the best advice on either placement of a single piece or your complete project.