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Importance of Office Interior in Modern Era – Rigid Interiors

Office design is vital to both employees and customers.  For employees who spend a large part of their day in an office, it is crucial to create a space that’s functional, visually appealing, comfortable and inviting—all of which promote productivity and efficiency.  For customers, office design sets the tone for a business and tells a story about the brand, its professionalism and success. Interior design has the ability to affect people’s moods, attitude, inspiration, drive and everything in between. That is why building a space conducive for owners, employees and customers is no longer being considered just a luxury, it’s becoming a necessity.

There is a reason why successful business men spend time and energy ensuring that office is well-designed. Not only does it create a healthy workplace, an office environment has the ability to enhance and support the success of a business. When you think about it, office is a home away from home for most of the people as significant no. of hours are spent in the office.

Here are some reasons why it is Important?

  • Employees often spend more time in the office than they do at home. With that in mind, it makes sense that well-designed offices can increase employee morale, productivity, efficiency and overall attitude at home.  The idea is to make the office a place they want to be, not where they have to be.


  • Interior design can consciously or subconsciously influence people’s mood and energy on a daily basis. Office interiors have the power to play a major role in influencing the emotions of owners, employees as well as the customers. This makes the design of the company, one of the most important designs when deciding to create an identity and healthy workplace.

Hence, a good office design can solve a multitude of problems and can transform a tired office environment into an inspirational and rejuvenated work place. So, if you are ever looking to re-decorate or redesign your office interiors from scratch, then your search is officially over at Rigid Interior which is at its pinnacle for interior designing.

How to build your Home Decor style – Rigid Interiors

Home is where we create, relax, live and love. A well-decorated home is a stage for a well-lived life.’’

Home is a very special place. A humble abode that we spend most of our time in, so it comes without a doubt, that our home should be an extension of our own personality. After a long day at work or from a tiring trip, we wish only to return to a place, which makes us feel welcome. A room with walls and furniture is not at all can be considered as home. A place with a homely decor, with a comforting vibe and personal touch, is what home is all about. Therefore, it is imperative that while designing your space, you should let your personal style shine in it.

You should defiantly design your house according to your wish after all; you only have to live there. Here Rigid Interiors has brought some points on which you should focus before decorating your home:

Focus about the things which you like in your life

While decorating your home, Planner should make a list of things that an individual used to enjoy while doing them in their daily life. Your interior plan list should be prepared properly as it will also work as a theme.

Explore your neighbourhood

Try to explore your surroundings; sometimes it is important to explore, may be a new idea can come up. Observe what catches your eye and feels nice to you, even the way folks decorate their porches and patios. Stop and pause in front of the homes that pull you in. If you like a traditional style of architecture, you might like clean lines and muted colors in furniture and accessories.

Eliminate the things which you don’t like

Exclude the things from your list, which you don’t like. You should not compromise with the interior of your house by executing such thing which you even don’t like it.

Take an online quiz

You can find a whole slew of online quizzes to help pinpoint your style. Some are silly, but most will at least give you a slight hint of the direction your style might go in.

To transform your humble abode into a bespoke haven. However, all these ways are standardised and lack personal touch that you may desire in your space. If you want your house to look as the extension of your own personality, then contact Rigid Interiors. The prominent interior designing company in Dubai, Rigid Interiors employee a team of highly efficient experts that offers you the customised solution for all kinds of designs.

Rigid Interiors are experts to transform your home, and give it any kind of look that you desire. With their expertise and your style, you home is just a call away to transform into a fabulous dome. To know more, Contact us today at T: +971 426 88 188 W. | Email:| Address: Salah Al-din road Deira, Dubai.

Best Office Interior Designing Tips – Rigid Interiors

Office design is vital to both employees and customers.  For employees who spend a large part of their day in an office, it is essential to create a space that’s functional, visually appealing, comfortable, and inviting—all of which promote productivity and efficiency.  For customers, office design sets the tone for a business and tells a story about the brand, professionalism, and success.

Have you ever noticed that, when you start up an office, the most difficult part is the designing phase? An office is not just some setup of furniture and electronics. It is your “workplace”!

Here are some important tips, which will make your place perfect.

Office Furniture

Office furniture is a basic requirement in the corporate world. Often workplace is considered as the second home; as workers spend the majority of their workday in office. Therefore, it is necessary that you should invest in office furniture that is stylish as well as comfortable.


Lights play a very crucial role in office. Natural light makes people happier: so, when you come to design your office, make the most of the sunlight with windows, skylights and glass walls. You will even save on your electric bill! A proper lightening has an ability to boost up the energy employees. A bright, illuminated office not only makes it easier for employees to see, but it also improves productivity and quality of life.


Reception is a core part of any office; it should have the abilities to impress the visitors. It is the first thing people used to observe and it is a foremost display of your office. It reflects the personality of your company.


These are few easy tips to apply that can transform your boring office into a thoughtful workspace where ideas and productivity bloom. If you are re-decorating your office decor or looking for office interior designing from the scratch, then your search is officially over at the prominent office interior designing companies in Dubai – Rigid Interior. Rigid Interior has been at the pinnacle of office interior designing in Dubai.

Build and Made: Next Effective Home sense Interior Design

Interior decoration for a resident is a multi-task handiwork. It is a task in which you have to focus on everything which you are taking use in your space. The core characteristics of interior Designing are colour, furniture and decor items. Hence, you have to be alert on everything which you are using while designing. A particular place especially your resident should be designed very well and have to be designed while keeping several things in mind. The basic need while designing a resident, you should focus on the comfort level, It should provide the best comfort level to the people who are living in a resident. Home is a place for relaxation, after all family members used to spend their time after the hectic schedule. Along with the need of comfort, designer should also keep an eye on the modern things as well as technologies. Modern technologies will also help you to fulfil the needs of comfort. It is a bitter truth that with time, everything changes and a new thing takes a place of older things. Every year numerous different designs, furniture, etc marked their presence in the market. Designer’s main aim is to create a unique, different and latest interior which are trending in the market. In 2017 different themes has taken place in the market.

Formal Dining Rooms:  In 2017 experts created the trend of formal dining rooms. The entrance should be simple and attractive. No need to keep useless things. Try to keep limited thinks and most important dining chairs should be comfortable. On table and chairs try to place things with light colors they should not be bright. The main focus should be that eyes should get relaxation while seeing the room. If you have a small space then also you can create a well place by the best tips. In a room only a sofa and dining table should be placed nothing more than that.

All white rooms: 2017 is a time for the white decor for the homes. In 2017, in home décor the major change has occurred that the place of colorful design ideas has taken by the white rooms. May be the reason behind this idea is, as we already told you in above lines that home is a place for relaxation and white colour represents for peace.

Brushed Metal: This year brushed metal has marked there strong place in the markets. Brushed polished metal is also known as dull polished metal. Brushed Metal is metal with a unidirectional satin finish. Stainless steel, aluminium and nickel are the parts of Brushed Metal. Bronze and gold are at high demand in market.

If you are planning to design your interior with the latest trending so Rigid Interior designing is waiting for your call to help you out with the best and effective team. We provide you the latest furniture which is on demand at the present era. Contact us on +971 426 88 188

Bedroom Interior Designing Tips By Rigid Interiors

Post a long tiring day at work, each one of us wishes to relax in a peaceful sanctuary aka our beloved bedrooms. There is no better place than a relaxing room, with a comfortable bed, and serene environment to unwind and laze around after a hectic day. But imagine coming back to a dull and unkempt bedroom, with a horrendous bed and messed up floors. Not anymore, we at Rigid Interiors, one of the leading residential space interior design companies in Dubai, give you few fabulous home decor tips to transform your boring bedroom into a beautiful one.


The right colour:

Many of us often fail to realise the importance of wall paint and colour theme of the bedroom. A bedroom is a peaceful sanctuary where one comes to relax, unwind, and eventually sleep; therefore it is a must that a bedroom should have a calming environment. Paint your bedroom walls with neutral colours and calming tones to create a peaceful look.


Complementing Furnishings:

For a peaceful Bedroom look, a comfortable and beautiful bed is a must. Invest in a solid bed with soft and comfy mattress; fill it up with throw pillows, silky sheets and quilts for extra comfort. You can also add a textured blanket and quirky cushions to add a personalised touch.



A sun-kissed room is better than a dark one; however, the amount of lighting should be decided based on your personal preferences. Create a balance between natural and artificial lighting. Opt for adjustable lights to set it up according to your moods.


These are few simple tips that you can apply to make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary. If you wish to completely redecorate your room or house, and give it a luxury interior design then opt for the best Residential space interior design company – Rigid Interiors. Not just residencies, Rigid Interiors’ talented team of designers can also whip their magic in commercial spaces like offices, hotels, retail outlets & much more.

Mastering the Art Of Commercial Interior Design

Interior designing is not limited to residential spaces. In fact, there is a whole new industry based upon designing for a commercial space. Commercial interior design is quite different from Residential space interior design. The task poses a set of challenges that one would not have to bother while designing for a residential space. While designing for commercial space, one has to keep in mind not only the attractiveness but also the functionality of the space. Opting for a commercial interior design company, that caters to both attractive aesthetics, and usability, is very important.



Functionality plays an integral part in commercial space interior designing. Be it choosing for commercial furniture, or fit out & joinery work, If a commercial space can’t solve the purpose of the business then, however, beautiful it may look, it’s for waste. Along with the space planning, the furniture should also be functional to the commercial unit. For that, you can opt for custom-made furniture or bespoke office furniture design that suits your purpose and style.


Space Planning:

The next aspect of the commercial interior design is space planning. Space planning plays a crucial part in both residential or hotel interior design, and even office interior design. A shabbily designed commercial space, will not only look unattractive, but may also lack practicality, failing to solve the purpose of business, hence leading to less productivity. If your business in confined in a smaller space area, then space planning becomes an integral part of small space interior design, to ensure maximum utilisation of the space. Not every business owner can efficiently handle the task of designing for commercial space. Therefore, a professional comes in the scene.


Hiring a Professional:

Statistics reveal that design plays a huge role in the success of a business, especially belonging to hospitality or retail industry. If the clients feel welcome at a place, their chances of returning increase.  If your wish to create a great first impression of your business, then opt for the leading commercial space interiors designers in Dubai – Rigid Interiors. From designing, space planning, fit out, joiners & even furniture designing, Rigid Industries masters in modern interior design, majlis interior design – that ensures your space looks a million bucks.


To transform any space into a beautiful, functional & practical commercial unit, contact Rigid Interiors today at: +97142688188.


Commercial Interior Design

Why Space Planning Is Crucial?

Have you recently purchased a new space – your dream house? Do you want to leave no stone unturned to ensure, the place looks magnificent? Do you see yourself settled there for years to come? Then you should know about the first basic rule of residential space interior design and that is space planning. Every space and every room in that space has a purpose to solve. Be it for sleeping, bathing, entertaining, dining or just storing, but each and every room should be functional. So before you start decorating your room and filling it with furniture and decorative items, you first need to create a strategy for space planning.


Why Space Planning?

Various homeowners live in the denial that space planning and designing or residential space fit out can be achieved by themselves, without a professional’s help. Whether you are looking for residential space interior design or commercial space interior design, space planning is crucial. An inadequately planned area will not only make space look dated and unattractive, but will also not utilise the space completely. Therefore it is imperative that one should invest in space planning, before going on with the decorations.


It’s Benefits:

Making sure the residential space fit out and commercial space fit out is done properly, electrical outlets are at a right and space place. Ensuring you have enough light and creating a perfect balance between artificial and natural lighting and placing the furniture in a well-planned manner for maximum usage, planning all this can be a bit too much for the homeowner. Therefore the best thing to do is opt for an expert.


Rigid Interiors:

When it comes to choosing the right expert, there is nobody better than Rigid Interiors. The leading interior designing companies in Dubai, Rigid Interiors have specialised in Residential space interior design and commercial space interior design. Whether you are looking for Residential space fit out, bespoke home furniture design, Bespoke home furniture installation or Commercial Space Interior Fit out, bespoke Office Furniture Design, bespoke Office Furniture Installation, Rigid Interiors is the right choice for you.


Vertical Gardens – Hassle Free Way To Get Green Into Your Home

After a hectic day at work, or running against time to get those chores completed, there is no better way to relax, then to get close to nature. Thousands of scientists and researchers swear by the magic of nature. Taking a walk on, bare feet on the moist grass, surrounded by luscious trees, with flowers blooming and a cold breeze blowing, nature is the instant stress buster.

But in the hectic lives and tight schedules, who has the time to take a walk, or lay a picnic in the park. And with homes confiding into smaller spaces and people shifting to apartments, a house garden also becomes a distant dream. But if you’re a nature buff and miss some green around you, then fret not, cause we at Rigid Interiors – one of the leading interior companies in Dubai has bought you, few tips to bring the outdoor, indoors, without spending a bomb or making a mess.

So let your green side shine in your decor.

Vertical Gardens:

Be it in residential spaces or commercial, be it in chopped apartments or huge mansions, vertical gardens are soon gaining immense popularity for being the easy, no hassle and flexible way to get green into your space.

Gardens that grow vertically rather than spreading across the landscape are all the rage among urban gardening fans these days. Their popularity is due in large part to the fact that they allow home owners and renters alike to grow bountiful crops of produce or flowers in a small area of square footage. You don’t need a big backyard – a vertical garden will work just fine on a small strip of soil in front of your house or even on a balcony.

But beyond their highly-touted space-saving abilities, vertical gardens have a host of other benefits to offer you.

  1. They look fantastic. A vertical wall garden is an easy way to add beauty to your home or office. Plants are very aesthetically pleasing and blend in well with any style. No matter what your current decor, a vertical wall garden will match and look great.
  2. They are easy to install. Although they may seem complicated, it is very easy to get up and running. Plus, there is no need to repot your plants at any point. Once they are in the system they will thrive.
  3. They are easy to maintain. Our living walls feature auto irrigation systems that make on-going maintenance a breeze. It is so easy, anyone can do it.
  4. Garden from inside your home. Setting up a garden in your yard is a wonderful thing to do. But it can take a lot of time and hard work. If you are strapped for time, a vertical wall garden is perfect. You can enjoy the benefits of gardening from inside.
  5. Having plants inside can help you relax. Bring the serenity of nature into your home. A living wall planter is a perfect backdrop for a mid-day meditation. You can block out the distractions of the modern world and zone in on nature’s beauty, without having to leave your desk.

If you also wish to bring green into your space, then call Rigid Interiors now and install a vertical garden in your space.

Interior Designing Basic – Colouring A Space

Are you planning to decorate your new home, or revamp the old one? Are you planning to give your room a fresh look, or add personality to your existing decor? Whatever may be your designing need, to give you space a breath of fresh air, and make it look wow, then add a dash of colour. Yes, the colour of the walls plays an important role in uplifting any room’s look. By choosing the right colour, you can add depth, character and texture in your room, making it look fabulous. We at Rigid Interiors, the leading interior decoration companies in Dubai, are here to give you the insights on colouring your home in a perfect way.

Choosing the Right Colour:

Every interior designer swears by it, every decoration firms give advice for it, interior designing is incomplete without it, and yes we are talking about adding colour to your decor. One of the top residential and office interior design companies in Dubai, Rigid Interiors have always strived to go beyond the norm and culture and bring new trends in decor designs. Gone are the days when neutrals colours like hues of white beige, creams and browns were your only option, when it comes to painting your house. Nowadays, many interior designers are experimenting with bright and bold colours that give your space a distinctive look.

Setting the Balance:

Opting for pastorals and vibrant colours helps a great deal, in transforming your boring decor into a bright one. Whether you’re are painting your living room, or decorating your bedroom or even an office space, vibrant and eclectic colours can not only elevate your space but also give it a personalised touch. If you favour bright and vibrant colours but have a house with walls painted in neutrals, then worry not, because we have a solution for that too. Add accents to your walls and in your decor, to introduce colour into your space, without going through the pains of transforming in completely.

Get the Expert:

At Rigid Interiors, we also offer customised luxury interior design solutions and bespoke wall colouring options that you can use in your decor and add a dash of colour in it. We at Rigid Interiors, the leading interior designing companies in Dubai, offer you bespoke luxury interior design Dubai solutions that provide customised interiors that fit both budget and style. Together, with our excellent team of experts and your style aesthetics, we can create magic and make your space looks like it’s right out of a decor magazine.

Smart Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Gone are the days, when homeowners use to reside in colossal spaces with enough liberty to design to their heart’s content. With spaces taking a drastic chopping in the size and people residing in modest spaces, interior designing has also evolved with these new homes. If you have a small space and think that you would have to satisfy your design wishes with the bare minimum, and then let us break the myth for you. If you have traded in the size for a premium locality, then your interior designing needs will not have to bear the grunt. We at Rigid Interiors are here to show you the light and give you insights about design ideas for small spaces. Rigid Interiors bring you few easy luxury interior design ideas to make your modest dome look upscale, sophisticated, and functional, in a jiffy.

Fold it up:

The huge dilemma that apartment owners face is deciding on which furniture piece to opt for and which furniture piece to let go off, eyeing the space deficit. But by opting flexible furniture, you can install various furniture pieces in your room, without having to compromise on the space. Flexible furniture pieces like folding beds, folding tables, expandable couches, vertical shelves, wall cabinets, sofa cum beds not only save you space and a pocket-friendly but being available in an array of shapes and sizes, they also add on to the style quotient.

Keeping it Clean:

When it comes to designing for small apartments, one should always opt for minimalistic interior designing. By keeping the décor clean and crisp you can create an illusion of large spaces. One can’t compromise on the basic pieces of furniture like beds, and dressings and sofa’s, but while choosing decorating items and add-on pieces, opt for the one that is also useful, rather than just decorative. For example, chose for an out of the box piece of lamp in a bright colour or metallic that solves the dual purpose of style and function.

Light it up:

By ensuring ample of light in your space, you can make your space look larger and spacious. Light plays a crucial role in any space, be it humongous or tiny. Make the most of the natural light, by installing large windows and also large mirrors to reflect the light in your rooms. Spend a little extra in mood lighting to transform your one room into a multi-purpose space by just flicking the button. Wall colours also are an important part of lighting, opt for earthier, neutral colours. But if you are fan of bright, then have an accent wall, painted in a bright colour to create a bespoke look.

By following these easy design ideas you can make your modest apartment look fabulous. Rigid Interiors the leading residential space interior design company are experts in luxury interior design in Dubai. From any space size to any theme, Rigid Interiors expert team can make any space look breathtakingly beautiful. Whether you are looking for residential space interior design, office interior design companies in Dubai, for any luxury interior design opt only for the best – Rigid Interiors.