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Luxury home decor trends help to infuse your property with a charm

Nowadays, hospitality sector has marked its special presence in the business world and its progress can’t be ignored. In this 21st century, the world of technology and lifestyle has changed a lot, whereas in this modern era people have started keeping their business as number one priority. Mostly businessmen have to travel for their work and due to this the demand of hotel industry and the competition amongst them has increased in the market.

As an owner of the hotel property, it is important to make your property more appealing, comfortable and equipped with modern amenities. Interior design plays an imperative role for the hotel industry.

It is said that ‘’First impression is the last impression.’’

We at Rigid Interiors are the leaders with the mission of making your property beautiful in hospitality Dubai and bring to you the latest and modern interior designing trends in the hospitality industry that every hotel owner should know about, so here are some amazing tips:

Reception: This is a crucial part and foremost area of your hotel. We had already said that ‘’the first impression is the last impression.’’ So obviously this area should be very attractive that has the ability to leave an impression on your guest. The texture, colour and shape of the reception in any commercial space have an ability to change a customer’s mood.  So design it while keeping these points in mind and also at the same time ensuring it looks modern and stylish.

Trending Colour Combination: Trends have not only taken over our homes, but also on the hospitality industry with its warmer tones and colours. Whether it is furniture, decorations or even wallpaper, hotels have moved away from colourful and bright interiors to a more relaxing colour palette. Colours such as cream, white, beige and pastels are becoming commonplace within the hotel arena with rooms having warm tones giving an impression of luxury and sophistication, whilst also working with your lighting idea.

Bathroom Luxury: Bathrooms in hotels have taken on a spa-like feel, no longer are they minimised in order to create larger rooms, now they have become just as luxurious and spacious as the room itself as tourists expect more from you as luxury and comfort are the key trends in today’s world.

they expect luxurious surprises and plenty of room. Showers are larger, bath tubs are wider and the lighting is a lot trendier. Some hotels still focus on just practicability, but.If you are one such hotel owner that’s looking to give it a magnificent yet functional design, then opt for the leading interior designing company in Dubai – Rigid Interiors which has been a leading interior design firm in UAE for years transforming any space into an incredible luxury property as opt only for the best.

How To Achieve Luxurious Interiors In A Budget ?

Who doesn’t want to experience a luxury stay in a 5-star property? Lie in the lap of luxury and relish the bespoke comfort of modern hospitality. We all wish to check out from our daily hectic lives and check in at a luxurious hotel for some leisure time. But breaking away from work and spending thousands of money on hotels in not a practical option. So the best idea to stay in luxury for a longer period is to transform your home into a luxurious paradise.


Rigid Interiors, the leading luxury interior design company in Dubai, brings you few ideas to elevate your humble abode and transform it into a high-end room & get luxurious interiors, without spending a bomb on it. Not living in a luxurious haven just g ot easy.


Simplistic Modernity:

The one thing that speaks luxury like nothing else is simplistic modern living. Interior designers around the globe have adopted this mantra of using fewer statement pieces to create an attractive decor. One thing that plays a major role in giving your space a contemporary look is colour. Colour can easily elevate your space to look high end. Choosing the right colour that suits your house and your choice is a must. To give your space luxurious interiors, calming looks opt for neutral tones. If you like bold, bright colours then accentuate one wall with a bright paint or use stylish wallpapers to give it a depth and distinctive appeal.


Luxurious Comfort:

Nothing can complete with a comfortable bed or a sofa after a long tiring day. To get that gorgeous luxury hotel look, invest in good home furniture. You do not necessarily have to go all out. You can pick up economic pieces and style with silk sheets, fluffy pillows and covers to give it an expensive look. Also, not just furniture, the other furnishings should also complement the furniture. Try in the hues of same palate or mix and match and add colours and accentuate to make your decor stand out.


The Final Touch:

Often just one bright bulb can give your decor a bright fresh look. Lighting plays a very important role in a luxurious decor. Whenever you enter a hotel room, you always witness a brightly lit room with various lamps and ceiling lights. This is because; lights can instantly transform your home from drab to fab. While revamping your place, find a balance of natural and artificial lighting. For a high-end look, install statement chandeliers and bespoke lamps.


These are few easy to apply and affordable tips to transform your space into a luxurious paradise. If you wish an experts advice on the same, head towards Rigid Interiors. Rigid Interiors has been the leading luxurious interior designers in Dubai. A rigid Interiors highly efficient team of experts can give your space an expensive look in any budget. Whether you are looking for residential space interior design or office interior design companies in Dubai, Rigid Interiors in the best choice.


Interior Designing Basic – Colouring A Space

Are you planning to decorate your new home, or revamp the old one? Are you planning to give your room a fresh look, or add personality to your existing decor? Whatever may be your designing need, to give you space a breath of fresh air, and make it look wow, then add a dash of colour. Yes, the colour of the walls plays an important role in uplifting any room’s look. By choosing the right colour, you can add depth, character and texture in your room, making it look fabulous. We at Rigid Interiors, the leading interior decoration companies in Dubai, are here to give you the insights on colouring your home in a perfect way.

Choosing the Right Colour:

Every interior designer swears by it, every decoration firms give advice for it, interior designing is incomplete without it, and yes we are talking about adding colour to your decor. One of the top residential and office interior design companies in Dubai, Rigid Interiors have always strived to go beyond the norm and culture and bring new trends in decor designs. Gone are the days when neutrals colours like hues of white beige, creams and browns were your only option, when it comes to painting your house. Nowadays, many interior designers are experimenting with bright and bold colours that give your space a distinctive look.

Setting the Balance:

Opting for pastorals and vibrant colours helps a great deal, in transforming your boring decor into a bright one. Whether you’re are painting your living room, or decorating your bedroom or even an office space, vibrant and eclectic colours can not only elevate your space but also give it a personalised touch. If you favour bright and vibrant colours but have a house with walls painted in neutrals, then worry not, because we have a solution for that too. Add accents to your walls and in your decor, to introduce colour into your space, without going through the pains of transforming in completely.

Get the Expert:

At Rigid Interiors, we also offer customised luxury interior design solutions and bespoke wall colouring options that you can use in your decor and add a dash of colour in it. We at Rigid Interiors, the leading interior designing companies in Dubai, offer you bespoke luxury interior design Dubai solutions that provide customised interiors that fit both budget and style. Together, with our excellent team of experts and your style aesthetics, we can create magic and make your space looks like it’s right out of a decor magazine.

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Like A Luxury Hotel Room

Staying in a 5-star luxury hotel is an incredible experience. From the fancy beds to gorgeous baths to plush seating, a luxurious hotel is sure to pamper you silly. For experiencing bespoke luxury, you don’t have to travel to far off lands or empty your pockets by booking a stay in a 5-star. You can enjoy the comforts of a 5-star hotel, at home itself. Transform your bedroom, into a luxury hotel room, by following these 3 simple steps for a 5-star look.

Bespoke Bed:

In any luxury hotel room, the bed takes the centre stage and the same should apply to your hotel style bedroom. If you have an old, wobbly bed, it’s time to bid adieu to it and bring home a gorgeous bed with firm mattress. However, if you don’t want to invest in a bed, replace your mattress with a firm, comfortable one. Once you have the ideal bed, adorn it with plush bed sheets, preferably Egyptian cotton, and throw pillows for a luxurious bed, that promise a good night sleep.

Fabulous Bath:

The next step to get a luxury hotel room like the look is to give your bathroom a makeover. No, you don’t have to completely revamp your en suite, installing new fixtures. But you can definitely re-decorate it to give a more luxury interior design look. Install a large mirror, with soft lighting to give it a spa look. Buy scented candles, bubble baths and premium bath products to give it a tranquil touch, similar to a luxury hotel.

Modern Seating:

Almost every luxury hotel room has a small seating area, whether two armchairs, or a small patio seating with a coffee table. If you are blessed with an outdoor seating adjacent to your bedroom, then you are in for a treat. Invest in a lovely chair with ottoman or a coffee table, for an evening snack by the window. Alternatively, you could add a desk or dressing table similar to those that many luxury hotels have.

Color Schemes: Use Three Colors Or Shades 

Now that you have, you want to call you a good idea of ​​the style, you need to choose the interiors color scheme. Choosing the best suitable color for newly designed bedroom is most difficult part. Because color is very personal, and inspire us to create a mood. However, the choice of colors, which requires from you. A look at the boards you suggest – what color you saved the highlight of the room?

We will not say what color you choose, but we will tell you to try to get a combination of three colors or shades. The main color on the wall, and the maximum final color tone such as sofas and chairs, and a third small parts, such as flowers, pillows, ornaments pop color and finally color of walls. Remember that the colors are affected by the amount of light entering your home. Consider the use of interior floor to ceiling, in order to improve their own ability to bring out the color of it!


Creating a luxury-hotel-room look in your bedroom need not cost you a small fortune. Just a few simple changes to create a luxurious bedroom that can ensure you feel as if you are on holiday every day! These are few basic ideas to get your own luxurious bedroom like a hotel room. If you wish to completely redecorate your space, Rigid Interiors the leading Interior Design company in Dubai offers you customize luxury interior design solution that fits your budget to the.

Getting Luxurious Bedroom on a Budget

Do you desire a luxurious bedroom that looks straight out of a decor magazine? Do you wish to dress the space to the nines but you need to decorate on a dime? Then we at Rigid Interiors have got the perfect solution for you. These decorating tips will make sure you can turn your bleak space into a luxurious bedroom, without spending a fortune on it. Rigid Interiors, the leading residential space interior design company, excels in offering custom design solutions that fit all kinds of budgets.

We are here to provide you with some easy tips that will help you transform your modest bedroom into a luxurious interior design, on a shoestring budget.

Invest in Custom-made furniture:

Investing in custom-made furniture is always a good option to get a luxurious interior look. Custom-made furniture gives you the flexibility to choose the material, function, shape, size and design as per your needs. With handmade custom furniture, you can give your bedroom a luxurious look, and not spend an extravagant amount on it. Rigid Interiors offers you customised furniture design by creating luxury furniture that fits your budget.

Innovating with Lighting Fixtures:

Say adios to your plain bulbs and fixtures and replace them with statement light pieces that are a must for creating luxurious interior. You don’t have to go all out to buy light fixtures, instead, search for one in vintage stores or thrift shops to get bold pieces or a glamorous chandelier, which adds the touch of luxury interior design.

Decorating with style:

The best way to instantly elevate your mundane bedroom is to add decorating pieces that echo’s luxe. Rigid Interiors excellent team masters in bespoke interior designing and decoration that fits both your requirement and budget. Whether you desire understated luxury or want to go all out with the high-end interior, we at Rigid Interiors, the finest luxury interior designer in Dubai will fulfil all your desires.

These are few basic ideas to get your own luxury bedroom on a budget. If you wish to completely redecorate your space, Rigid Interiors offers you customise luxury interior design solution that fits your budget to the T.

Why Hiring a Professional Interior Designer is Good For Your Home?

Our home is one space that we call our own in this wide world. And everybody deserves to stay in an incredible space, that not only look gorgeous but also feels amazing, and a part of our own. A home that reflects our style has a comforting vibe to it is aesthetically appealing and also functions wells, is what we call a dream house is. But a dream house doesn’t happen by a chance. It is a thoughtful, meticulous process that required through research and planning that make your space looks incredible. Sounds like a handful right. Yes, for private owners designing a house can be a strenuous task, they might even fail to execute their plans with the same conventionality. Hence, a professional interior designer enters the picture.

Homeowners are often confused about hiring a professional designer to decorate their space. They worry, that they will be forced to adopt someone else’s style and spend way more than the budget. But that’s not the case. A professional interior designer brings a lot to the table, in terms of aesthetic appeal, architecture, space planning, liaison and much more, but all these added expert assessments, are based on your personal style, keeping in mind your design ideas for your home. Interior decorators, take your ideas and it an expert’s touch, making it look far better than you imagined. Also, the interior designing companies work on a set budget, that provided by you before starting the project. Whatever many the ideas, all our executed in the mentioned price range, that does not drill a hole in your pocket.

Apart from executing your plan to the T, professional experts also provide engineering consult that helps in space planning, using the most out of the giving area in the best aesthetic way possible. The engineering consultants in Dubai help to design your home in a strategic manner, that doesn’t pose any wiring or plumbing problems in future. If you are still confused about hiring an expert to design your home, then you should visit Rigid Interiors. One of the best interior design companies in Dubai, Rigid Interior offers bespoke designing solutions that fit all your requirements. Along with residential Interior designing, Rigid Interiors also offers commercial interior design, for any kind of businesses. If you want to give your home a fabulous makeover, and looking for interior decoration companies in Dubai, then look no more and visit Rigid Interiors, for all your designing and joinery needs

Achieving Contemporary Interior Designing Look for Your Space

While deciding on a design theme for your space, what comes to your mind? Do you wish your space to look crisp, clean, smooth and relaxing? If yes, then you want contemporary interior designing for your space. If you love minimalistic look, with clean lines, modern accessories, neutral colours and tranquil spaces, then contemporary interior design in your style. The essence of contemporary interiors is the fusion of comfort, functional elements with bold, out of the box elements to create a crisp, sophisticated look and feel.

If you wish to design your space contemporary interior designing style, then we at Rigid Interiors with three essential elements to create a bespoke contemporary look. Follow these easy to apply tips and transform your house into a contemporary paradise.

Colour is the Key:

The first basic of contemporary interior decorating is choosing the right colours that blend the whole look together. Usually, neutral colours form the base of a contemporary style. You can opt for colours like beige, cream, brown, taupe or pure white to give the space a clean, sophisticated look. For adding more texture and depth to your space, you can paint one wall in a bold accent colour, or add a bright piece of furniture or vivid decorating accessories. While accessorising keep it minimalistic and clean, as the key is not to clutter the space.

Spice with Accents:

As the overall look of a contemporary space is quite simple with neutral colours and minimalistic accessories, it is important to add a depth to the decor by installing accents. Metal accents, like steel, nickel, chrome and brass are very popular in contemporary interior decorating. They bestow a sleek and modern look. Apart from metal, wood also helps to create a bespoke contemporary look. Especially for flooring or ceiling design, wood in earth tones can create magic and give the space a beautiful look.

Light it up:

Bright lights can instantly elevate any space. A well lit up room always look, sharp, clean and appealing. In contemporary interior designing also, lighting is essential as it lit up the decor and gives it a fresh feel. Today, in the market there are umpteen lighting options to choose from. The key is to strike the balance between natural and artificial lighting. Fixtures like modern chandeliers, out of the box lamps, ceiling lights and mood lightings can not only lit up the room but also work as accents in the contemporary interiors.

These are few easy ideas to transform your humble abode into a fabulous contemporary paradise. If you wish to give your space a professional makeover, then trust the leading interior designing company in Dubai – Rigid Interiors. Rigid Interiors has specialised in interior designing contemporary style and can give any space a gorgeous contemporary makeover that looks luxurious and sophisticated. Rigid Interiors, the finest interior decoration companies in Dubai, is renowned for designing spaces that look breathtakingly beautiful.
For any interior design in Dubai, look no more and call us now at: T: +971 426 88 188 W. | Email:| Address: Salah Al din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBAI.

Flexible interior designing Got Easy with Rigid Interiors

Gone are the days when we use to reside in humongous bungalows, or spacious homes or private townhouses. Today, more than 50% of the population are living in apartments. In UAE, an average home in confined within 1000-15000 square feet area. With spaces shrinking in a rapid speed and homes confiding in small areas, switching to flexible and space efficient interior design has become a must. Flexible interior designing has become the new norm in the design community, where designers are aiming to create flexible living spaces that adapt to your changing lifestyle and needs. Flexible spaces are rooms that serve more than one purpose and can be transformed into their many avatars with sliding or lift up panels. If you want to design your home with flexible, Rigid Interiors is here for you.

The interior designer in UAE, Rigid Interiors offers bespoke home furniture design which is a stylish and efficient way to style your home. We at Rigid Interior offer you few tips to transform your house into a flexible space, with pouring in thousands.

Opt for Flexible Furniture:

A single piece of furniture takes a large chunk of the area; therefore, it is imperative that each piece of furniture should play multiple roles. Rigid interiors offer a wide range of custom made furniture design that help you create personalised furniture that suits your needs. Choose for furniture that expands and contract, like a dining table with expandable top, or a bookshelf with pull-over chairs.

Go Vertical:

For small spaces, the best idea is vertical storage options. If you have less pantry space, or the kid’s room is small and can just store a bed and a wardrobe; start investing in vertical storage options that help you store all your knick knacks, to make it space efficient and also stylish. Rigid Interiors offer creative wall panelling designing options that are both efficient and attractive.

Flexible Lighting:

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to transform your decor from plain to fabulous. In cramped houses, lighting can do wonders to instantly convert your space to fit the need and mood. For example, bright lighting can be fit for office use, or kids’ time, a dimmer softly lit light can help you set up a romantic ambience. Rigid Interiors offers excellent space lighting designs, including colour changing LEDs, designer bulbs and fixtures, gorgeous chandeliers, which help you transform your house.

With clever solutions for residential space interior design by Rigid Interiors, Flexible interior designing just got easy. To transform your home from sluggish to stylish, from shabby to fabby, call us now!

Use of Lamps in Interiors for Your Desks & Homes W/ Rigid Interiors

Functional lights are Pivotal for your home office interior design companies in Dubai to create the right light. Too much natural light at wrong locations can create trouble with shadows so does too bright light or dim light. Below we share 6 aspects of how to add right lighting to your home and work space with Rigid Interiors:-


• Use of Natural Light Available: Try to use the natural light in an intelligent way. If you use Laptops the most day then align your workstations in the north or south directions to avoid shadows during the day. Try to use both natural light, desk lamps and ambient light to make the best possible use of all the light sources.


• Ambient Light Usage: Don’t work under direct light source as it can impact your eyes in the long run and light should be even out in a balanced way in the complete room. Use of ambient light further adds ambience and mood to the room.


• Desk Lamps / Desk Lighting / Floor Lamps: Great looking and copper lamps are good choices. Floor lamps that can easily be moved and adjusted are in high demand.


• Accents Lights: The accent lights are required for the adding the wow factor.


• Folds and Curtains: Using light colour curtains and blinds cut the sharp lights during some of the day and are essential during the afternoon.


• Fit-out and Joinery Works: Interior Fit-out and Joinery works must be done by an expert only so that issues related with fit-out work don’t crop up later.


Contact us today at Rigid Interiors for all your lighting companies in dubai for home and office and fit-work jobs in Dubai and UAE works to bring extraordinary homes for its clients. Call us today: T: +971 426 88 188 W. | Email:| Address: Salah Al din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBAI.

Best Outdoor Lawn & Garden Furniture W/ Rigid Interiors Dubai

The great outdoors are free however due to our busy work life the sunshine and fresh air is rare.  The in- house garden brings one closer to nature and its many benefits.  Rigid Interiors with best outdoor furniture and patio furniture, rod iron furniture, garden chair, garden table, garden sofa, garden bench, garden gazelo, garden loungers and garden accessories brings to closer to your dream garden for your house.



6 major points to consider for your garden furniture:

  • Comfortable Furniture: Over at Rigid Interior design company in Dubai, suggest our clients to use comfortable furniture for their herb garden / relaxing garden retreat.


  • Boost Natural Colours: By painting the bench, fence or shed, we can have your summer garden come livelier with vibrant colours of blue, white and purples.


  • Connect the House and the Garden:  A beautifully done porch leading to one’s garden is quite a deal breaker.  Rigid Interior top fit out companies in Dubai will suggest the most inspiring patio design ideas so that your garden becomes your all time favourite place for relaxing.


  • Unify the House and Outdoors: Another choice to consider is to create a garden room, if space and resources allow. This way you can slip into the indoor romantic garden any moment for an ultimate escape.


  • Hotel Gardens / Commercial Gardens:  Professional assistance is a must for creating beautiful professional looking garden with water fountains, unique plants, soft lights then Rigid Interiors team is best suited for all clients needs here. Creating your swimming pool in the garden space allows you to have fun while staying active.


  • Sitting Area in the Garden: Undercover sitting space in the garden is an excellent way to ensure that your family can enjoy the outdoors also during adverse weather.  Use of canopies, garden umbrella and custom garden furniture will make up for your dream garden.


Contact us today at Rigid Interiors as your best garden design companies and outdoor furniture in Dubai and UAE works to bring extraordinary homes for its clients.  Call us today: T: +971 426 88 188 W. | Email:| Address: Salah Al din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBAI.