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The guide of Amazing Interior home designing – Rigid Interiors

Home is a place which reflects your style and you can’t compromise on it. Everyone expects their place should be comfortable, appealing and functioning well as per their desire, to have a dream house according to their wish. But to build a dream house isn’t an easy task; it takes a lot of planning, research, and hard work. A person needs to be perfect in every way in researching, planning and to execute things in a best way.

Designing a house is long and time consuming process and obviously in this modern and busy world, no one has that much time which your house actually needs for designing, but don’t worry, if you don’t have a time and wish to décor your house soon, we have a perfect solution for you – Hire a professional designing team. Yes, nowadays we have professional interior designers with their teams to make your dream house into real.

People often hesitate to hire a professional designer as they have a misconception that they might be forced to adopt someone else choice and style but this is not the case, designers are professional and they are in business world to fulfill our needs and will provide you the best what you need in your budget. In fact they bring a lot of options of your choice in terms of architecture, furniture, color etc. You only have to tell the idea which is going in your mind and your budget. Also, the interior designing companies work on a set budget, that’s provided by you before starting the project. Whatever may be the idea, all are executed in the mentioned price range that does not drill a hole in your pocket.

Not only designers work for your project in fact engineer consultants will also plan for you, so you won’t face any problem regarding wiring or pumbling in future. Now if you have taken the decision to hire the professionals so now question is how and who? So here also we are there for you the solution is ‘RIGID Interiors’.

One of the best interior design companies in Dubai, Rigid Interior offers bespoke designing solutions that fits all your requirements. Along with residential Interior designing, Rigid Interiors also offers commercial interior design, for any kind of businesses. If you want to give your home a fabulous makeover, and looking for interior decoration companies in Dubai, then look no more and visit Rigid Interiors, for all your designing and joinery needs.

You can contact us on website visit here and call now +971 426 88 188

Luxury home decor trends help to infuse your property with a charm

Nowadays, hospitality sector has marked its special presence in the business world and its progress can’t be ignored. In this 21st century, the world of technology and lifestyle has changed a lot, whereas in this modern era people have started keeping their business as number one priority. Mostly businessmen have to travel for their work and due to this the demand of hotel industry and the competition amongst them has increased in the market.

As an owner of the hotel property, it is important to make your property more appealing, comfortable and equipped with modern amenities. Interior design plays an imperative role for the hotel industry.

It is said that ‘’First impression is the last impression.’’

We at Rigid Interiors are the leaders with the mission of making your property beautiful in hospitality Dubai and bring to you the latest and modern interior designing trends in the hospitality industry that every hotel owner should know about, so here are some amazing tips:

Reception: This is a crucial part and foremost area of your hotel. We had already said that ‘’the first impression is the last impression.’’ So obviously this area should be very attractive that has the ability to leave an impression on your guest. The texture, colour and shape of the reception in any commercial space have an ability to change a customer’s mood.  So design it while keeping these points in mind and also at the same time ensuring it looks modern and stylish.

Trending Colour Combination: Trends have not only taken over our homes, but also on the hospitality industry with its warmer tones and colours. Whether it is furniture, decorations or even wallpaper, hotels have moved away from colourful and bright interiors to a more relaxing colour palette. Colours such as cream, white, beige and pastels are becoming commonplace within the hotel arena with rooms having warm tones giving an impression of luxury and sophistication, whilst also working with your lighting idea.

Bathroom Luxury: Bathrooms in hotels have taken on a spa-like feel, no longer are they minimised in order to create larger rooms, now they have become just as luxurious and spacious as the room itself as tourists expect more from you as luxury and comfort are the key trends in today’s world.

they expect luxurious surprises and plenty of room. Showers are larger, bath tubs are wider and the lighting is a lot trendier. Some hotels still focus on just practicability, but.If you are one such hotel owner that’s looking to give it a magnificent yet functional design, then opt for the leading interior designing company in Dubai – Rigid Interiors which has been a leading interior design firm in UAE for years transforming any space into an incredible luxury property as opt only for the best.

Importance of Office Interior in Modern Era – Rigid Interiors

Office design is vital to both employees and customers.  For employees who spend a large part of their day in an office, it is crucial to create a space that’s functional, visually appealing, comfortable and inviting—all of which promote productivity and efficiency.  For customers, office design sets the tone for a business and tells a story about the brand, its professionalism and success. Interior design has the ability to affect people’s moods, attitude, inspiration, drive and everything in between. That is why building a space conducive for owners, employees and customers is no longer being considered just a luxury, it’s becoming a necessity.

There is a reason why successful business men spend time and energy ensuring that office is well-designed. Not only does it create a healthy workplace, an office environment has the ability to enhance and support the success of a business. When you think about it, office is a home away from home for most of the people as significant no. of hours are spent in the office.

Here are some reasons why it is Important?

  • Employees often spend more time in the office than they do at home. With that in mind, it makes sense that well-designed offices can increase employee morale, productivity, efficiency and overall attitude at home.  The idea is to make the office a place they want to be, not where they have to be.


  • Interior design can consciously or subconsciously influence people’s mood and energy on a daily basis. Office interiors have the power to play a major role in influencing the emotions of owners, employees as well as the customers. This makes the design of the company, one of the most important designs when deciding to create an identity and healthy workplace.

Hence, a good office design can solve a multitude of problems and can transform a tired office environment into an inspirational and rejuvenated work place. So, if you are ever looking to re-decorate or redesign your office interiors from scratch, then your search is officially over at Rigid Interior which is at its pinnacle for interior designing.

Why Solid Wood Furniture is the Best Type of Furniture

The few things that every owner considers before buying the right furniture for his house or office, is the look, durability, and cost of the furniture. The design is what forms the base of a space, but furniture fills life in the decor. Finding the right furniture for your space is imperative and this task can be a difficult one. With a plethora of options available in the market, it gets tricky to choose which suits you the best. When all fails, wood is something that hails. Yes, Solid wood furniture has been the king on furniture for decades, and this is because of its wonderful properties.

It goes without saying that every piece of furniture should be practical enough to accommodate the needs of employees and durable enough to bear the daily wear and tear. With solid wood furniture, you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear at all. Wood furniture often lasts for decades, even centuries. Not just wooden beds, or sofas, even wooden credenzas, and wooden TV stand are durable enough to bear any sort of activity.
Today, the furniture market is brimming with wood alternative material like veneers, particleboard or medium density fibreboard (MDF), cost engineered wood materials etc to create wood replacements. But none has been able to compete with the look of wood. Not only solid wood furniture is durable, its attractive look can’t be matched. From classic contemporary, to vintage to modern appeal, you can get any kind of look from wooden furniture. Wooden furniture is not only limited to beds, tables, and sofas, it has also moved on to other arenas like wooden shoe rack, wooden TV cabinet and wooden mobile pedestals
One can’t always afford extravagant furniture pieces. Keeping in mind the overall budget, one has to choose for furniture that’s cost friendly too. But we often misjudge for cheaper the better. When it comes to wooden furniture, it is a onetime investment. Rather than spending few thousands every year on furniture alternative, its best to spend a little extra amount on solid wood furniture, and be rest assured for the rest of its life.
Rigid Interiors
If you are looking to furnish your home, and want to buy only the best solid wood furniture, then opt for Rigid Interiors. Rigid Interiors has been the leading interior designing and home furniture manufacturer in Dubai for decades. Its state of the art factory produces high quality home furniture made using the best raw material. From bespoke wooden beds, to classy dining table with chairs to beautiful wooden wardrobes, Rigid Interiors offers customized wooden furniture that suits your style and fits your budget.

Interior Designing – An Art Mastered by Rigid Interiors

When it comes to designing our home, we all want to make no compromise. Be it a new home or an old one, be it an office space or a commercial unit, when it comes to designing space we leave no stone unturned. And why should we? A home is a place where we spend most of our time and office is the first impression of our business. Therefore we desire to make it look incredible. We often have a plethora of ideas when it comes to interior designing our space, but not all ideas are functional or suited for space. So, what is the right way to go through? The right way is to hire a professional interior designer, who can apply your ideas with their techniques to make your space look fabulous.


Interior designers are professionals who have mastered the art of designing, who understand all the elements of a space and in return provide you with a gorgeous decor that is not only stylish but also functional. To achieve your dream house looks, these luxury interior design Dubai apply expert’s techniques to make the most of the space and combining your ideas with their expertise. Designing a home is a long time commitment, decorating your space every year is not practical. Therefore it is imperative that one should opt for a talented interior designer who can offer you, a space that adopts your idea with a functional purpose.


If you are looking for the leading interior decoration companies in Dubai, then your search ends here at Rigid Interiors. The best affordable interior design firm, Rigid Interiors eminent team of experts specialise in designing any space. Be it residential space interior design or commercial space interior design, Rigid Interiors leaves no stone unturned to give you the best. From any interior design style to perfect Interior design luxury furniture to go with it, Rigid Interiors are the best, for any of your interior designing needs. Along with interior designing, Rigid Interiors also offers various fit-out and joinery Dubai works, being the leading fit out companies in Dubai.

RIGID Interior Design Company is specialized in providing elegant and stunning interior design services for both residential and commercial projects. Our witty interior designers are well experienced with various international styles. We also aim to build lasting relations with our clients through strong communications and hard work. We are always happy to customize enchanting and marvelous designs for your units.


Top Interior Designing Trends in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is the fastest growing, ever changing business in the market today. For indulging their guests by providing a luxurious experiencing and high-end services, hotel and restaurant owners keep adapting to new designing trends, keeping in sync with the demands of the market. For attaining success, it has become imperative to be a differentiator in the market, and design plays a huge role in attaining that position. We at Rigid Interiors, the leading hospitality interior design company in Dubai, brings to you the new and upcoming interior designing trends in the hospitality industry that every hotel owner should know about.

More in Less:

Designing a beautiful space is not difficult, maintaining its beauty is. And this gets even more difficult in a commercial space. The first basic of commercial space interior design is to invest in material that not only looks great but are easy to maintain and fits the budget. For example, rather than getting original hardwood floors, hotel owners can invest in large-scale rectangular tiles and laminate floors that look and feel like real wood. This concept of more in less is applicable in every hospitality sector and keeps adapting with the introduction of new materials in the market.

Multi-use Spaces:

Not every hotel owner is blessed with the huge area, with enough space to design your heart’s content in. Boutique hotels, motels, guest houses, and quaint hotels are often left with less square feet’s to accommodate all the essentials and also find space to accentuate the look. Therefore, it has been necessary to plan multi-use spaces in hospitality space interior design. Arranging a seating and flooring chart, getting wall closets, vertical pieces and fixtures helps one to balance the look along with the function of the place. To attain a multi-use space one should first plan hospitality space interior fit out, by an expert.

An Eco Route:

The green revolution is in full swing in the design industry and even in commercial interior designing, owners and designers and emphasising on locavorism and social sustainability. Hotels have started implementing technology to conserve resources and opt for more natural products. Focusing more on natural light other green features have re-emerged is incorporated fluidly into hotel design and hospitality practices. Along with this, repurposed hotel furniture, and using of local handicrafts is also making its way in the forefront which helps to support local economies and promotes eco-sustainability.

These few trends are creating ripples in the commercial space interior design fields. Be it hotels or restaurants, owners are continuously experimenting with their look to give their brand an edge. If you are one such hotel owner, looking to give your space a magnificent yet functional design, then opt for the leading interior designing company in Dubai – Rigid Interiors. Rigid Interiors has been a leading hospitality space interior design firm in UAE for years now. For transforming any space into an incredible hotel, opt only for the best – Rigid Interiors.

Vertical Gardens – Hassle Free Way To Get Green Into Your Home

After a hectic day at work, or running against time to get those chores completed, there is no better way to relax, then to get close to nature. Thousands of scientists and researchers swear by the magic of nature. Taking a walk on, bare feet on the moist grass, surrounded by luscious trees, with flowers blooming and a cold breeze blowing, nature is the instant stress buster.

But in the hectic lives and tight schedules, who has the time to take a walk, or lay a picnic in the park. And with homes confiding into smaller spaces and people shifting to apartments, a house garden also becomes a distant dream. But if you’re a nature buff and miss some green around you, then fret not, cause we at Rigid Interiors – one of the leading interior companies in Dubai has bought you, few tips to bring the outdoor, indoors, without spending a bomb or making a mess.

So let your green side shine in your decor.

Vertical Gardens:

Be it in residential spaces or commercial, be it in chopped apartments or huge mansions, vertical gardens are soon gaining immense popularity for being the easy, no hassle and flexible way to get green into your space.

Gardens that grow vertically rather than spreading across the landscape are all the rage among urban gardening fans these days. Their popularity is due in large part to the fact that they allow home owners and renters alike to grow bountiful crops of produce or flowers in a small area of square footage. You don’t need a big backyard – a vertical garden will work just fine on a small strip of soil in front of your house or even on a balcony.

But beyond their highly-touted space-saving abilities, vertical gardens have a host of other benefits to offer you.

  1. They look fantastic. A vertical wall garden is an easy way to add beauty to your home or office. Plants are very aesthetically pleasing and blend in well with any style. No matter what your current decor, a vertical wall garden will match and look great.
  2. They are easy to install. Although they may seem complicated, it is very easy to get up and running. Plus, there is no need to repot your plants at any point. Once they are in the system they will thrive.
  3. They are easy to maintain. Our living walls feature auto irrigation systems that make on-going maintenance a breeze. It is so easy, anyone can do it.
  4. Garden from inside your home. Setting up a garden in your yard is a wonderful thing to do. But it can take a lot of time and hard work. If you are strapped for time, a vertical wall garden is perfect. You can enjoy the benefits of gardening from inside.
  5. Having plants inside can help you relax. Bring the serenity of nature into your home. A living wall planter is a perfect backdrop for a mid-day meditation. You can block out the distractions of the modern world and zone in on nature’s beauty, without having to leave your desk.

If you also wish to bring green into your space, then call Rigid Interiors now and install a vertical garden in your space.

Smart Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Gone are the days, when homeowners use to reside in colossal spaces with enough liberty to design to their heart’s content. With spaces taking a drastic chopping in the size and people residing in modest spaces, interior designing has also evolved with these new homes. If you have a small space and think that you would have to satisfy your design wishes with the bare minimum, and then let us break the myth for you. If you have traded in the size for a premium locality, then your interior designing needs will not have to bear the grunt. We at Rigid Interiors are here to show you the light and give you insights about design ideas for small spaces. Rigid Interiors bring you few easy luxury interior design ideas to make your modest dome look upscale, sophisticated, and functional, in a jiffy.

Fold it up:

The huge dilemma that apartment owners face is deciding on which furniture piece to opt for and which furniture piece to let go off, eyeing the space deficit. But by opting flexible furniture, you can install various furniture pieces in your room, without having to compromise on the space. Flexible furniture pieces like folding beds, folding tables, expandable couches, vertical shelves, wall cabinets, sofa cum beds not only save you space and a pocket-friendly but being available in an array of shapes and sizes, they also add on to the style quotient.

Keeping it Clean:

When it comes to designing for small apartments, one should always opt for minimalistic interior designing. By keeping the décor clean and crisp you can create an illusion of large spaces. One can’t compromise on the basic pieces of furniture like beds, and dressings and sofa’s, but while choosing decorating items and add-on pieces, opt for the one that is also useful, rather than just decorative. For example, chose for an out of the box piece of lamp in a bright colour or metallic that solves the dual purpose of style and function.

Light it up:

By ensuring ample of light in your space, you can make your space look larger and spacious. Light plays a crucial role in any space, be it humongous or tiny. Make the most of the natural light, by installing large windows and also large mirrors to reflect the light in your rooms. Spend a little extra in mood lighting to transform your one room into a multi-purpose space by just flicking the button. Wall colours also are an important part of lighting, opt for earthier, neutral colours. But if you are fan of bright, then have an accent wall, painted in a bright colour to create a bespoke look.

By following these easy design ideas you can make your modest apartment look fabulous. Rigid Interiors the leading residential space interior design company are experts in luxury interior design in Dubai. From any space size to any theme, Rigid Interiors expert team can make any space look breathtakingly beautiful. Whether you are looking for residential space interior design, office interior design companies in Dubai, for any luxury interior design opt only for the best – Rigid Interiors.

Let your personal style shine in your Home Decor

Home – a place that we call our own, in this wide world! Our own personal haven, our tranquil paradise! There is no place like home!

Our home holds a special place in our lives. A humble abode that we spend most of our time in, so it comes without a doubt, that our home should be an extension of our own personality. After a long day at work, or from a tiring trip, we want to return to a place, which makes us feel welcome. A room with walls and furniture is considered home. A place with a homely decor, with a comforting vibe and personal touch, is what home is all about. Therefore, it is imperative that while designing your space, you should let your personal style shine in it.

There are multiple ways to design your home decor. By mugging up trends in decor magazines or taking the advice of eminent interior designer on blogs, to transform your humble abode into a bespoke haven. However, all these ways are standardised and lack personal touch that you desire in your space. If you want your house to look as the extension of your own personality, then contact Rigid Interiors today. The prominent interior designing company in Dubai, Rigid Interiors employee a team of highly efficient experts that offers you the customised solution for all kinds of designs.

Whether you are a simple person and requires interior designing minimalist style or an eclectic at heart and desires interior designing maverick style or love vintage chic and want to go for interior designing rustic style, interior designing retro style, whatever may be your personal style, Rigid Interiors offer you personalised solution, that let your personal style shine all the way through. Their eminent team of designers offers you customised solutions, keeping in sync with your desires and giving you exactly what you want in a set budget. From interior designing high-tech style, to interior designing contemporary style to interior designing neoclassical style, Rigid Interiors are experts to transform your home, and give it any kind of look that you desire.

With their expertise and your style, you home is just a call away to transform into a fabulous dome. To know more, Contact us today at T: +971 426 88 188 W. | Email:| Address: Salah Al-din road Deira, Dubai.

Achieving Contemporary Interior Designing Look for Your Space

While deciding on a design theme for your space, what comes to your mind? Do you wish your space to look crisp, clean, smooth and relaxing? If yes, then you want contemporary interior designing for your space. If you love minimalistic look, with clean lines, modern accessories, neutral colours and tranquil spaces, then contemporary interior design in your style. The essence of contemporary interiors is the fusion of comfort, functional elements with bold, out of the box elements to create a crisp, sophisticated look and feel.

If you wish to design your space contemporary interior designing style, then we at Rigid Interiors with three essential elements to create a bespoke contemporary look. Follow these easy to apply tips and transform your house into a contemporary paradise.

Colour is the Key:

The first basic of contemporary interior decorating is choosing the right colours that blend the whole look together. Usually, neutral colours form the base of a contemporary style. You can opt for colours like beige, cream, brown, taupe or pure white to give the space a clean, sophisticated look. For adding more texture and depth to your space, you can paint one wall in a bold accent colour, or add a bright piece of furniture or vivid decorating accessories. While accessorising keep it minimalistic and clean, as the key is not to clutter the space.

Spice with Accents:

As the overall look of a contemporary space is quite simple with neutral colours and minimalistic accessories, it is important to add a depth to the decor by installing accents. Metal accents, like steel, nickel, chrome and brass are very popular in contemporary interior decorating. They bestow a sleek and modern look. Apart from metal, wood also helps to create a bespoke contemporary look. Especially for flooring or ceiling design, wood in earth tones can create magic and give the space a beautiful look.

Light it up:

Bright lights can instantly elevate any space. A well lit up room always look, sharp, clean and appealing. In contemporary interior designing also, lighting is essential as it lit up the decor and gives it a fresh feel. Today, in the market there are umpteen lighting options to choose from. The key is to strike the balance between natural and artificial lighting. Fixtures like modern chandeliers, out of the box lamps, ceiling lights and mood lightings can not only lit up the room but also work as accents in the contemporary interiors.

These are few easy ideas to transform your humble abode into a fabulous contemporary paradise. If you wish to give your space a professional makeover, then trust the leading interior designing company in Dubai – Rigid Interiors. Rigid Interiors has specialised in interior designing contemporary style and can give any space a gorgeous contemporary makeover that looks luxurious and sophisticated. Rigid Interiors, the finest interior decoration companies in Dubai, is renowned for designing spaces that look breathtakingly beautiful.
For any interior design in Dubai, look no more and call us now at: T: +971 426 88 188 W. | Email:| Address: Salah Al din road Deira, Dubai. UAEP.O BOX 3523 DUBAI.